Well I finally did it .... Gaming

OK I loved the game The Pirate - Caribbean Hunt on M$ so I found it on Lutris so I opened an account downloaded everything through the terminal and clicked on the download button on the site and this box came up ....

And then I sat for over 30mins waiting for something to happen ..... nada a big fat 0 ..... so what did I do wrong .... isn't it supposed to download ..... show a progress bar or something?????

Dunno. I rely only on steam and I don't bother with Lutris. Is your game on Steam?

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Don't know how do I find out .... just go to Steam Website and look ???? I'll check back tomorrow my head is hurting from today activities .... :roll_eyes: .... check back with you then :face_with_head_bandage:

Installing Steam;

sudo apt install steam

And then login.

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Thanks Storm ..... does steam allow you to download games to your computer or do you have to play the games on the net ......

You download them to your computer. when downloaded you can even play off-line.

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Remember to tell us how it went or you need help with something.

EDIT: You probably don't have time anymore, because of gaming :cowboy_hat_face: hehehe, it's addictive when you find the right game.

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Yup know all about it ..... when I was much younger I would spend some 36 hrs straight playing a game until I couldn't think any more or I had to go back to work ..... can't do that any more 4-5 hrs straight is about all I can muster .... something about memory retention ..... :roll_eyes:

Anyway I just now got back my laptop we had a 9 hr brown out just as I started to update steam .... so I'll have to play with that tomorrow as I have emails and a bunch of other stuff to check on .... :+1:

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Interesting ..... when I went to establish an account they told me to close my VPN and try again ... you mean you can't have a VPN when you use Steam ?????

That is pure BS .....

Oh well I downloaded the game and it works but I still have a question about if I play the game is it through Sream and if so is it using my bandwidth ????? .... I'm concerned that by eating up my bandwidth I'll run out before my monthly allotment ....

It depends on the game, but many do use your bandwidth. I would monitor net activity while running any game just to know what it is doing. In my case, I would probably use a conky on my second monitor to constantly relay Connection Up & Down data.

I found a way to run games .... or t least the game I'm playing offline .... here is the Website for anyone that is interested

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