What apps would you include on Zorin install?

If you had the power to choose additional apps that came with Zorin install, what would you pick?

Here's my personal list:
-Stellarium. Super cool and gets ppl excited about fun linux possibilities
-Caffeine. Prevents laptop from suspending so I can pick up where I left off no problem.
-Flameshot. Super powerful screenshot capture tool with loads of features.
-Stacer. Easy performance monitor GUI to understand and can clean up caches.
-Tweaks. To do some fine tuning on appearance and settings.
-Blanket (comes with pro not core). Yasss give me rain sounds while I sip on coffee and stay up late on Zorin forums!!

Coming fresh from windows I saw immediate value in these and think they could really help newcomers hit the ground running. Curious to hear yalls preferences too!

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This is similar to the following thread:

In the tutorials and guides category.

A few members have added recommended software after install. One i always use is tlp, along with cinnamon.


Thank you for the link and post! Glad members have given there thoughts on the subject!

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We're always open to more suggestions about what would be beneficial for new users to install.

If it's not listed in that thread, you may also want to include inxi. Provides detailed info of your system, great for troubleshooting or consulting for an upgrade!


Tbh, I will just include exactly what Zorin Core ships.


Makes reinstalling easier, but you're missing out on all the wonderful software Linux has to offer.


The ISO is going to be BIG. In my opinion, ZorinOS Core includes the most perfect amount of apps I need.


Windows ehhehehehhe


I really dont know to much apps, but i will check that you write.


in wine i would install directx, netframework and vulkan for gaming or i missing something?

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