What aspect ratio do you prefer?

Hey, I have another poll for you. This time, what display aspect ratio do you prefer?

  • 4:3
  • 16:9
  • 16:10
  • 21:9
  • Something else
  • I don't mind

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I've definitely seen newer laptops have a 16:10 display and some people call this the new 16:10, which is why I wanted to do a poll about this.

Oh yes, and I think I used multiple choice polls for my older polls so uh, sorry about that.

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16:9, love widescreen 4k


depends on what for, desktop 21:9, laptop 16:10

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Love to know who's running 4:3...


Probably people who love nostalgia.

The question was "What aspect ratio do you prefer?"
Maybe should have asked What screen aspect ratio do you prefer?
I generally prefer 4:3 for actual photos.

I use a display arm to change orientation of my display as needed, so I am not too concerned about the aspect ratio.

You know I've never really thought about this... I definitely like having wider than taller screens, so I guess 16:9, and as zabadabadoo said 4:3 for pictures and videos?

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