What can you say about using Zorin 16 Pro?

Boot times can vary on a lot of factors. Are you using SSD or HDD?
Can you detail what you mean by a vast difference in installed vs pre-installed software?
Maybe we can help speed things up.

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@spnoe It is still Linux, there is only so much the devs can do. Windows Programs aka Wine shouldn't be use as your primary solution to installing applications, ONLY USE WINE WHEN YOU HAVE TO!!! If you can, I also would avoid using any third party software management because it would run slower and will take more storage space.

Software Management:
Third Party Software Management:
Flatpak: Software deployment and package management for Linux, it allows a good deal of software to be on Linux, but it uses sandbox environment, so performance will be affected.
Snap: Snap is a software packaging and deployment system by Canonical ←(Group behind Ubuntu), same as Flatpaks they also use a sandbox environment. Snaps are generally criticized for having close source software.
AppImage: AppImage is a format for distributing portable software on Linux without needing superuser permissions to install the application. Does not integrate as well as native Package Manager or Snap and Flatpak
Wine: Lets you run some Windows Applications natively (no virtualizing), but it doesn't always work and stability is questionable.

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Do you mean ZorinOs support from the purchase with ZorinOS 16 Pro? The support is only meant to answer questions regarding installation and ZorinOs itself. Please ask any other questions here.

The USD $39 is for donation to support the development of ZorinOs. It gives you two more layouts as a bonus. We thank you for supporting the development of ZorinOs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

OK, I'm going to end it here. Feel like I'm writing a full article. :yawning_face:

Flatpak - Wikipedia, Snap (package manager) - Wikipedia, AppImage - Wikipedia, Snap - ArchWiki


I heard elementary want only one type package to create a system more security but I saw on channel yt and it is very buggy linux.

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I don't like Elementary OS, not a fan of the Mac like desktop. I also don't think Elementary OS is as good as ZorinOS.


I can only sayed in Zorin my graphic card working well.
Don't tried another because everywhere i have a black screen.
That means if someone have problems with hardware Zorin is best option.

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Those who are interested in learning about my experience with OS 16 on a dual core machine, can read about it here...

But the super short short version of it, I freaking love OS 16.

Keep in mind, I am not new to Zorin OS at all guys. I started using Zorin OS when I purchased Zorin OS 9 Ultimate. I did like that version, except that it suffered a major common issue, and that was the bootloader would get filled up, then you could no longer update the system.

This was what mainly facilitated me into upgrading to Zorin OS 12(Also Ultimate Purchase), which thankfully, the Zorin's fixed that issue. I loved OS 12 so much, I used it all the way to its past due date, I never jumped onto OS 15, saw no reason to.

I find that Zorin OS 16 runs very stable for me on quite an old machine. So ya, love it, not much else to say, that hasn't already been said in my big post on it.

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Yes on 16 version my graphic card working without problem and peripherals devices. Started with Zorin from number 7. Maybe some day I put photo. Remember this excited when cd plate will be in my home post. The brown a letter with a stamps from Ireland. This is a history ZorinGroup on my shelf.

Yeah, I first became aware of Zorin OS back when it was version 6. (My avatar is from version 6) But at the time, I stuck with Win7 for a little longer cause I wasn't ready to jump ship quite yet.

I still think version 6 looks good today, what do you think?

But alas it would be useless now I think, due to extremely old kernel support, probably wouldn't run on anything from the last 10-years now lol.

But the Zorin team always makes beautiful looking OS's, they are good at that. Which version of Zorin would you say is your favorite? Mine is OS 16, I think its the best.

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I think Zorin Os 15 is probably better. I feel like ZorinOS 16 is missing a couple things.

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Its missing your Tux kart. lol

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I was having a little fun with you. But if you see the movie, on whatever streaming platform that you can see the whole movie on, you will get the joke.

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This is a cult movie.

Zorin 16 have a good option installing any type packages.
Important all working and i hope it will working with many years before my graphic card died.

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I am using an HDD. The software that comes packaged, on the launcher list are reasonable in starting but programs or software that has been downloaded or installed via the software programme are slower to start and can lag considerably. An example is Opera browser, on other Linux distros this opens almost immediately but in Zorin 16 Pro I have found it very slow in opening. Thank you for replying.

Can you please open Software and go to Installed.
Then, move to Opera Browser and check the Source... Is it Snap, Flatpak or from the Main Universe?

Says Snap in right hand side of screen and further down the screen Snap.

Snap Packages are an Ubuntu Invention that they really push. In fact, Software Store became the Snap Store. Snap packages are sandboxed, which causes problems for some of them that need access to operate with other applications. They also are supposed to carry all dependencies with them- making them bloated and a huge space-taker... and they load Slowly. Because every part of them must initialize.

This is why the standard packages are not showing the slowness, but some that are installed in the Software Store are.
I do not agree with this either... I oppose Ubuntu's forcefulness on this issue...

Zorin OS chose the Ubuntu Snap Store as it is most like the Windows Store in basic design and appearance - as well as seeming 'easy to use.' Zorin OS added some features, including easy Source Referencing so users can see the source without trouble. As a starting point... It functions. But you have options, including using Synaptic Package Manager or other package managers.
Whether you stay with Zorin OS or go distro-hopping; it may still benefit you to have these experiences that increase your understanding of the Desktops and how they function under the hood.

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Thank you for the very helpful explanation. I will bare these facts in mind when installing software. Thank you.

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Flatpaks are another invention that is sandboxed, POP OS primarily uses them, but I think you can get them for Zorin too if you really wanted. APPS that operate in a sandbox have their advantages, but their disadvantages too. Their most certainly not for everybody.

I like Synaptic Package Manager, I think its the best. And as long as you have the proper REPO's added to the OS, Synaptic will have you covered in just about everything you need to do software wise, I recommend it.