What dm works with zorin and how to install?

Hello, I have recently break GDM when trying to install themes on it.
I'm searching for some dm(s) that can replace it. Any suggestions ?

Lightdm should work.

Keep in mind that the transition between Lightdm to Destktop is not going to be as smooth. And your lock screen will not look like lightdm it will look like GDM.

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Is repairing GDM an option?

I prefer lightDM over GDM - by far. It is more intuitive, has more options that are visible and easy to access and is far less glitchy.
LightDM is also customizable with

sudo apt install lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings


Maybe @Darkpepito would care about his DM not looking like his desktop theme. I went absolutly crazy when I found that in KDE you can't change the Lock Screen and SDDM is by far more trash than GDM.

When I login with lightdm, my wallpaper appears for a few seconds and go back to the dm.

Is the wallpaper you are using stored in root? (I place mine in /usr/share/pixmaps just to make life easier).

Don’t work anymore.

Thanks you all for your help, but I think I just gonna migrate to Zorin 16, this is easier.

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