What do the zorin os devs think of something like this for zorin os 16?

What do the zorin os devs think of something like this for zorin os 16?

or possibly something like this..

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I do think the different shades grey and the white should be removed though
so its more flat

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Personally, I dislike the flat look. I find it very hard to distinguish between windows. Where one windows outer edge is and the other windows starts. Makes trying to resize or move a window unnecessarily complex.

White on white with no black border makes simple tasks harder than they need to be.

Again, this is my personal opinion and others will no doubt love the flat look.


I agree in some cases. I think its really hard to make flat ui’s look good.
Microsoft has proven how ugly they can be.

I personally think windows 95 and windows 2000 looked the best but those days seem to be over. :frowning:

Anyways I dislike the outlines and large title bars, fonts and icons in the current release of zorin.
I also think that zorin is trying to look modern and something like that is the best I could show.

Ideally you would want…

  • rounded corners
  • multi color background (obviously these show white on grey :-1: )
  • start menu and taskbar should look seamless
  • panels and group boxes should increase lightness or darkness depending on the color mode
  • no lines or separators
  • fake alpha blending for backgrounds like windows does. (of course having only one part look alpha blend and another not looks ugly)

Here are some things I dislike about the way windows does it…

  • apps looks like they are just a bunch of flat rectangles
  • edges are sharp
  • colors are not consistent
  • no life
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I think I meant single color background sorry for the misinfomation

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