What do you use in Zorin and what do you recommend? Please explain why?

Hello. I would like know what do you get experience with Zorin software and what you can advice with this huge software database in Zorin 16 Pro?
I would like more juicy out from this system of course not harm and damage Zorin.
The link what you need after Install Zorin have finished on this forum.

Zorin uses gnome-software that leaks RAM, so I removed it and using synaptic and sometimes snapcraft.io :smiley:


Some software for music,video,gaming,graphics? I mean this is what people using on computers. Some app social or another? Some type emulators or software what is not support but in linux still alive.
Here some good guide.

after installing zorin os, I installed VPN and antivirus. :smiley: :smile:

Interesting antyvirus in linux? VPN I understand this is some kind distribution like "Kodachi" invisible or safety inside internet?

Have you looked at software (apps) suggested by @swarfendor437 in his Unofficial Manual for Zorin 15? Unofficial Manual for Zorin 15 - #6 by swarfendor437

I checked link not working. Now working.

Game warframe rpg, sci-fi. People are kind and helps.

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