What folder is flight gear installed in?

New to Linux and Zorin.

I went to the software repository and installed Flight Gear binary files. The manual said if installing new aircraft zip files to go to the data/aircraft folder. I've looked in every folder I can, even the ones we're not suppose to mess with and can't find anything.

Does Zorin have something similar to Windows' program folder where we can find installed software and access the files?

Thanks for any help.


There is no Games folder in my /USR/SHARE/ folder.

I took a look for FlightGear in the Software store. There are three packages. One is a Snap package. If you installed the Snap, certain functions do not appear to work. They do work in the package that is Sourced as Zorin OS package.
The other is a Flatpak. Same problem.

Both Snap and flatpak installations would set the files inside their Own Snap and Flathub /flatpak directories.

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