What happens if i use sudo apt do-release-upgrade -d in Zorin OS?

I have a Zorin OS 16.1 "Impish" or a Ubuntu 21.10 with modifications of Zorin OS?

i have change "never" to "normal" and update is started (fear)

by the way, in a couple minutes i return and post the answer lol

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Welcome to the forum LuizRafael.

Zorin OS 16.1 comes in Ubuntu 20.4 release.

So updating to a newer release might cause you more troubles than it's worth. In general the basic stuff should still work. But as always, it's the details... Please let us know what is the results of your experiment.


I have done this experiment already. You will end up with Ubuntu, and Zorin Applications will probably end up broken.

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You'll end up up with Ubuntu and Zorin will be broken on Pro/Core
When i tested on Pro Lite to see if I could get the new 22.04 ubuntu base to load, it totally broke the install as the default is now wayland, I was to recover but its not worth the hassle at the moment IMHO. If you have newer hardware that needs such as the intel alchemist igpu, you can just install the 5.15 general kernel (theres a possibility of incompatibility but far less than a full distro upgrade)

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