What I have begun to dislike about the forum

I find the word "polished" relevant when describing a software...but this is correct too:

I see the word "polished" used disproportionately in this case. I often see it in Pop Articles; and this tells me that the word is often used as a buzzword, not due to an understanding of its meaning. It is said by others, therefor, simply accepted and believed and repeated. If you have ever heard a person misuse a popular word because they misunderstood its meaning... then you will understand.
A bit like the grandma that wanted to watch a movie with her granddaughter and asked her to come over and netflix and chill.
By the definition given above... It would raise serious questions about its usage in regards to certain things... but we may be getting off topic.:stuck_out_tongue:


Nuh..Nuh.. What I said is that the word can be completely used to describe a software. But yeah it is true that when articles refer to a software as "polished" they only portray their opinions and disregard what others might think.. Phrases like "I feel" or "I consider" should be used as well.

I mean... readers of articles repeat what they read as a buzzword, without really ensuring it means what they think it means.
As you already well know... I can make a very strong case with demonstrative screenshots and code - showing how some software oft-called polished... is nowhere near free of imperfections but in fact contains far more than other D.E.'s do.
Yet, it gets called polished by orders of magnitude more often than any other D.E.
That's buzzword.


That still does not negate the fact that what you find to be a high degree of development or finish, others do not. And no software is free from imperfections.

I think @Aravisian said it best, in his responses. It is a buzzword people say without understanding or knowing what it actually means.

People think moving the start menu from the left to the center is "polished". I see it as you moving the start menu to an inconvenient spot. And now I'm searching the settings of how to move it back. :grin:

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you seem to just be framing the design as a bad thing here tbh

instead of going to older forums which are likely to be less user-friendly (and have horribly small UIs usually, especially on Mobile), we should instead try and improve the searching algorithm and allow more customization of the UI, to allow people to more easily make the forums a place that they can be comfortable typing in

Ahem, Keyboard shortcuts

I don't really agree with this, at least not entirely
For the online status: Fair
for a lot of other things mentioned here though, they have been moved or removed either for the sake of not many people using them, or simplicity

think about it:
Zorin OS is targeted at Windows users, macOS users, etc, to create an environment they already know, and don't need much adjusting to
And I know many people which genuinely shy away from Forums and instead turn to (for instance) me personally as it's just easier to do so, and they do not need to learn anything
Again, Improve UI customization, for example an "Advanced" section for features which are a little more niche like these

To share my experience:

It's been quite a smooth experience, I've had little issues getting adjusted to the environment of the Forums, even though I never really used them before for more than stealing someone else's answer on an Issue I was having

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I understand @Aravisian what he mean about "old" and not "polishing". Any operating system must be simple and stable and working without problems and without some shop full cosmetics what eating more ram or doing system more unstable to put them more package from diffrents sides.

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I agree ..... course you can always use the ol' military buzz words "Spit & Polish" ..... but to me if something works well for me I don't care what it looks like because I can always change it as in themes and Desktop DE's ... as far as programs go if I don't like the look of one I find another one that better suits my needs .... which I do particularly office and graphics programs .... still trying to find the Holy Grail

I think the reason you don't here that on the Windows forums is because you can't really change anything there even if you wanted to ..... except maybe your background and maybe going from light to dark etc. .......

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Today i was happy about changing theme on Zorin iike a kid who get a lollipop od icecreams from pling. It gived you powers to changing things.That is awesome.


This is a perfectly valid suggestion. It had not occurred to me personally to interpret some of the comments made as a desire to return to an older style platform, but rather, to lament the features lost that they retain.
Certainly, Discourse could be modified to restore what is missing.

Removing a function because some people do not use them bites the hand that feeds you.
Developers these days think in terms of using Minimalism (Which tomscharbach had previously taught me does not mean what I thought it means) in the wrong way. It is currently seen as a means of making their own jobs easier.
I suppose I understand the concept... Every Person on the planet has evolved to conserve their own energy. I am certain that every other job has workers that would prefer to make their jobs easier.
While staying at the same pay curve, of course.
But it doesn't really work that way.
A restaurant may be able to reduce work-load and make their jobs easier by doing away with dishes that must be cleaned.
A Mechanic may reduce work-load by not actually replacing parts that they say they did.
An electrician my reduce their work-load by running less wiring to fewer outlets.

In each example; you can see that this would not go over very well. For the mechanic, it is pure dishonesty. For the electrician, it is dangerous and makes it hard to find and outlet. For the restaurant, it is unhygienic and very inconvenient for the customer.
These removals of features are very obvious and noteworthy.
No... you do not get to remove the hard parts of the job. You Do The Job. Then, you get paid.

Developers know to do Two Simple Things:
Make the removals less obvious.
And commit the removals after convincing many people that the medicine tastes good.
And here we find our buzz words. Push them out there, like "modern" and "polished" even when they don't fit. Garner public support. Get the masses to do the P.R. work for you, merely by relying on their evolved need to conform and validate.
Many do this already: Politicians. Causes.
The word "modern" has no bearing on aesthetics, nor is it possible for it to do so. When a form of Modern Art looks like something old and outdated, they merely call it "Retro."
Dodge Charger.
We still like the look, don't we? The car is a best seller.

Thinking about observations, following logic and reasoning notable conclusions takes work, too.
It takes effort to examine and analyse trends. People get paid good money to do this.
And here I am doing it for you for free.
Sure, it is a lot easier to reject it with a hand wave. But better for us all, long term, to think things through.
We humans... we have a bit of a history, you see... of hurting each other and ourselves with this behavior.
It's a lot easier to throw trash on the ground than walk ten feet to a trash can. And let's be honest, that trash can isn't really getting rid of a problem; it only consolidates it. Pollution.
It's a lot easier to keep existing infrastructure and familiar means, then deny and reject the mountain of evidence that shows the dangerous damage: Climate Change.

Until your car breaks down and you have no idea what to do. And maybe trust a mechanic that will charge you for replacing parts that they actually didn't.
Until you are short on outlets and then getting short circuits - and an electrician comes in and informs you that the initial installer cut corners in building your home.
If people shy away from forums because it's not easy enough to ask others how to fix a problem and because they do not want to learn anything, then they certainly can choose that. But we need not get on bent knee to that attitude.
I have things that actually take motivated effort to worry about.

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the forum is very very good, it's better than a lot of other forum. u may improve chat category in zorin by adding who is online and make group for zorin lite users, and group for zorin core users, who is live,and listing the name of the users of each group, you may do some encouragement by announcing some statistic like who get more solution in that month, who get more likes, who get more content etc

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nowadays the words "Modern" and "Retro" aren't really used as much to describe from when they are in actuality, but rather what a person feels like that - for example - piece of art came from

its called Retro not because its actually old, but because it reminds of older times

Technology go very fast forward what today was new yesterday is old.
Mostly what i wondering if forum could be more cleaning delete things what no more have any helpfull solution.
Delete some nonsens topic where people login on 2 min then never back.
Using more better with subject hardware help:> cpu,graphic,card,sound,laptops,desktop. It gived more clearly where people can find or put question. Something like books in library. One what i saw also if people asking something then when they changed mind start talking about something diffrent subject - for people who searching solution could be annoying. Yes I know i am also this person sometimes asking or talking then hopping to another subject. Searching could be more visible. Maybe we can create some "trash channel topic" - where people talking but this isn't connected with Zorin and after 3 months they are dissapeard. Many ideas. Here example on photo i explain what could be better.

On the left corner is: describe the left words.
1 How much difficult knowledge or experience with linux.
1A Male or Female or lgbqt?
1B how old age?
2 Chat answears
3 Where he live country or city
4 What pc or laptop using
5 What Zorin he using xfce,core,pro or POP OS ubuntu i mean.
6 What he testing maybe some software or distribution to compare with linux
7 What he wish in future about linux on this forum or


I think it is inevitable that this will happen.
Sometimes, we can improve things. Sometimes, we can only improve ourselves.
Patience and tolerance can alleviate some annoyances.

Aren't we all? :grin:

We do try to split threads when that happens and users also suggest thread splits, too.

I think an Off Topic Forum would be conducive.
A Game Forum, as well.

Fair enough.

Both of these are irrelevant to the forum, I think.
This forum is known for being a welcoming place and any person may identify as their correct gender without us needing to know about it.
Age does not determine ability any more than gender does.

Regional Servers can play a role as well as certain restrictions but these can be addressed on a need to know basis.

These are good suggestions.

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These should not be mutually exclusive. So perhaps room for some improvement. But I guess the devs have bigger fish to fry.


Weell... you know... feedback... :grin:

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Do you mean move this thread to here maybe Feedback - Zorin Forum
or are you commenting on my belated reply to your post 18hrs previous? :wink:
That's the trouble with timezones.

I was commenting on your comment.

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