What is the black dot next to Date/Time?

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What is the black dot that sometimes appears to the right of the date/time? When I click it, it disappears but nothing appears to happen

Thanks all

It indicates a new notification. And when you click on it, you will see the notification and after you see it, it disappears.


Yes, that is the notification DOT, which on my machine is BLUE, cause thats just the way I role baby woohoo!


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So, unless I'm being particularly stupid, when I click the dot, nothing comes up. No notifications. Is it meant to be the banner at the top of the display?

Clicking the DOT, simply tells the notification DOT, I get it, I have notifications, now go away lol. I know, so counter intuitive to what you would think the DOT would actually do if you clicked on it.

Think of it like an alarm on a submarine, the alarm goes off, you press the button to shut the alarm off. But if you want to actually see the overpressure situation, you'd look at the gauge to take a reading.

So in this case, you click on your system tray icon just to the left of the DOT, to see your notifications.


Ok, thank you.

I’ll try that next time I see a notification dot!

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