What is Zorin missing?

I loaded up PopOS last night just for a demo and found it to be slow which I did not like - neat features but slow. Zorin seems a little more tied together. What is Zorin missing?

I thought it was neat that PopOS had a recovery partition option or built in. It had some neat tiling built in, easily changeable. Anyway it seems like these OS's all have different little features.

I think you can find the tiling thing on Gnome Extension site if you wish to add it to Zorin OS.

About tilling, I haven't tested it in depth on POP_OS to see all the features, but Zorin has an extension for that. If you enable the advanced/experimental options you can enable more features, create layouts, etc.

One feature I really like about POP is the launcher in a dropdown menu. I'm using ULauncher on Zorin to have something similar.


Thanks I will have a look at it!

I've been following Zorin OS 17 since its release, but am still on Zorin OS 16.3. I'd say what Zorin is missing, is the CPU Power Manager tool, it allows you to lock the CPU at a set frequency that you choose.

As good as auto turbo is, I've played games where the CPU frequency was going up and down all over the place, causing me to experience lag.

Thats when I went to hunt down a tool that allows me to set the CPU frequency speed and lock it in, ever since I got that, its made Zorin OS 16 usable for gaming for me.

Anyways, thats what Zorin OS 17 is missing. Since my OS 16.3 is still secure for now until 2025, I am holding off on upgrading my OS, until the Zorin team releases Zorin OS 18.


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It's missing libnvidia-egl-wayland1. I came from GarudaOS Dragonized Edition and rarely had problems with the games I tried while in Wayland. The only game I must be able to play is Overwatch. When coming over to Zorin, I could not understand why it was that I could not get Overwatch to do better than 10fps when on Wayland, but X11 I had to cap it at 165fps. Turned out that libnvidia-egl-wayland1 was missing. Installed it, rebooted, and now my game is very playable. What's missing from Zorin? libnvidia-egl-wayland1