What is ZORIN OS 16's unique weight reduction?

I read the ZORIN OS blog.
There was a description of weight reduction.

What makes ZORIN OS 16 lighter than Ubuntu?
What is ZORIN OS 16's unique weight reduction measure?

I will make it a recommended point for other people.

Can you link to the blog you are talking about, so we can understand the context of the comment?

Thank you for your reaction.
This section of this article.

Faster and smoother performance

Not sure about weight reduction, but Zorin OS has always delivered faster performance; at least since I started on it on Zorin 12.3.
But in testing out Zorin OS 16 beta- Yep. Faster. By far. I can literally open my pictures folder, highlight all the images, then right click "Open with Gimp" and they all pop into existence, populating the screen in under ten seconds. I've never seen anything like it... and when making an icon set - it is a dream come true.

What the Secret is that ZorinGroup uses? No idea. It's a secret.

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Yes. I agree with you.
But I want to know how ZORIN OS is made lighter.
It's also a pleasure to use ZORIN OS. Not only is the design good.
I know it's a corporate secret.
But I want to know within a safe range.
For example, ZORIN OS made a lighter GNOME extension to itself.

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I think the lighter in this instance means a lighter use of resources. Gnome has improved its memory footprint and I assume that other areas, e.g. the kernel have also had a lot of improvements sine 2018, this site eludes to those improvments.

I see, when I read it back, it seemed to be my belief only.
I was so excited that I'm embarrassed to post.
Thank you for your reply.

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