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What second distribution?

Primary Zorin 16.

Second now is mint and CutefishOS (VM) testing.

Some distro i like to use is, manjaro and openSUSE, but the commands on terminal not using apt, need to learn....Im in lazzy moment :yum:

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I've moved to Manjaro on my eight year-old laptop last week, and it's been a breeze so far - everything worked out of the box, much like Zorin, with the open-source drivers. I've got the Gnome version due to needing better support for my touchpad, and the distro is noticeably lighter in performance than Zorin Core was. Perhaps it's to do with Arch being leaner on processes compared to Ubuntu, though someone may correct me. Haven't yet encountered errors when updating, or anything else troublesome.

I still have Zorin Core on my PC, and love it all the same.

Just like @Storm, I run a single boot of Zorin OS 16.1 as main, but I use Ubuntu, Mint, PopOS, Manjaro, Kali Linux, MX Linux, Fedora and Debian on VMs.

So the best idea is using Primary Zorin and another for testing purpouse on vm?

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Manjaro is also Mabox arch is rolling release. Manjaro what i know they updates coming rolling release and you don't need formatting older manjaro. That is one good topic.
I remember the pacman are packages and with customization have a many tools and user friendly.

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That is what stops me from using Arch. I am not that familiar with the arch package manager :frowning_face:

openSUSE's Offline images for Tumbleweed and Leap ( not their live isos ) allow you to pick from multiple desktop environments etc. You can remove or add packages and patterns during the installation process. Not every app is going to be available but you can search for it. You may be able to add apps from their repos if you are connnected during the install process. I have a wireless adapter that doesn't work with the installler so can't say for sure.

Mageia's Classic Installation image allows you to pick from multiple desktops and install multiple ones at the same time. You can select what role you want for the system as well as add and remove apps. When you get to the screen where you select desktop environment there is a Custom option and that is where you will find all the additional options.

Yes, I really like the package manager I have to say, I find it superior to the stock Zorin software store (because to me it's more unified, if far less polished). I do like that it's a rolling release, but that the Manjaro team hold back from releasing the latest and greatest thing before any issues are ironed out. Might be the perfect balance.

like this theme on your browser, looks clean...witch one is it?

365 0S Cyan, I like new blue and white also.

How do i apply this?

If the themes are in downloads right click the package select extract here. Open a new instance of files in Home and press ctrl + H to show hidden folders. Create a new folder named .themes. Drag the themes you want to try or use from downloads to the .themes folder. You can apply the theme in Zorin Core or pro from Zorin appearance or gnome tweaks. Press ctrl + H to hide hidden folders.

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I reading many people talking about Fedora.

I run Fedora in v-box just to work with vanilla gnome without extensions and to learn about yum commands. It's very solid under the hood with a no frills gnome 40/41 experience.

I don't understand one new things example Gnome is some "fresh" version. I don't know why older version people not adviced like Adwaita or something? My point if something is new the channel youtubers you need that because this is the best. The true on channels youtubers is like a miracle. O could see more balanced channels youtubers with positive and negative arguments. The password that is "awesome" is not to the point what I can run. So changing and hopping distributions? Isn't anyone tired that? This is something like running rabbit trying catch a running rabbit?

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I love this description...

Audiophile is the same. Zorin is still in my heart. I was watching many Linux distribution how to people saying how it is good. Well on Zorin working things what i need. Then why changing for something similar if we can choose what software installing or themes.

I experiment with distributions to expand my knowledge and get a look at the latest but not necessarily the greatest. Zorin core is my daily driver and I also have to use windows 10 or 11 to work from home due to proprietary software that won't ever be Linux compatible.

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That's is great. I also have Zorin primary on my pc. I seeing some another distribution on webbrowser but with Zorin a couple years i know what and where click or search. Have also old W7. I mean Zorin is Simple for ppl who decided not using W10,11. Why Zorin? Because have fast answers support also stable and fast.

I am still a fan Zorin. If something not working don't changed to another distribution. I prefer to find a problem and fix that. Why? Because I am user linux. One pc for daily driver. I have another for testing but not using. People sayed win10 is ok and then some using time a computer dieying.

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