What things can I do with a second laptop?

I currently have a spare laptop, I was thinking of using it as a second monitor but the result was disappointing. So I would like your help please, I would not like to let the laptop get dusty again.

use its hard drive to make a backup of ur whole os using timeshift

and if u have 2 ram slots, remove one and put it in ur main laptop

then just simply sell it

Or put Zorin Education on it and donate to local computer club for youngsters.

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You can use for experimenting and learning about Linux and computers in general:

  • Install other Linux distributions every now and then, see how you like them.
  • Self-host things like Nextcloud to have your personal "cloud".
    • Checkout other self-hosting options like Jellyfin, Bitwarden, etc.
  • Dedicated gaming computer.

If you are a gamer run games designed for Windows on it ..... I have one that is running Win 7 pro on it and playing all my old games that I copied to external HD's ..... I just copy one game at a time to the LT and when I'm I done playing delete it from the drive and load another one ....

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Media Server could be a good use for it. I have a desktop than runs 24/7 for this purpose.

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