What uninstall to not damage Zorin?

Hello all.
Anyone wondering how faster could be linux on your a computer?
What could you uninstall to more stable your Zorin distribution.
If I will changing kernel to my hardware preferences it could damage Zorin?
Today I uninstalled full snap packages from Zorin and store.
Anyone have some more idea what I can do my Zorin will be faster?

It may. That is always a chance.

Yes, removing Snap

sudo apt remove --purge snapd

can speed things up, mostly Boot.
There is not a lot you can remove to speed things up... but you can install:

sudo apt install preload

I use Preload on mine and you can see the difference. I use qt5ct to make QT apps use the gtk theme and this creates Slow Launching... But with Preload, they still open pretty quickly.

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I never gave up with Linux.
I only know it could be always better when we cleaning him from things what we never used.
The best idea creating a list things what we need and then only check if we can remove that from Zorin.
That why I liked Zorin two brothers good cooperation without another people outside. They know better what is best for future distribution Zorin.
I mean with kernel I wondering reconfiguration to out things what i never will be used. Example a things with processor i3,i5 and many another things what I never will used because this is not exist on my pc.

Removing modules will not increase your OS Speed, but can damage the kernel.

One thing today discovered Zorin xfce is also Gnome :slight_smile:

Don't worry experimental is good to get some knowledge.
Plain Ubuntu has Gnome DE.
Mint is more or less Ubuntu + XFCE, Ubuntu + MATE, or Ubuntu + Cinnamon
Zorin is Ubuntu with Gnome with extensions, or Ubuntu + XFCE
PopOS is Ubuntu with Gnome with extensions.
Manjaro is Arch + XFCE, Arch + KDE, Arch + Gnome
Plain Fedora is Red Hat + Gnome

Basically testing the same desktop environments just with different decorations?

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