What would you like to see in ZorinOS 17

Here's my wishlist:

  1. Better WINE and WINE/Proton related patches pre-installed. As described here(Ignore the clickbait-y title): Zorin is a bad OS for Gaming - #3 by Bourne
  2. Flatpak permission system: Flatseal integrated in settings.
  3. 'Add to Desktop' option in activities view.
  4. Nautilus type-ahead search enabled by default.
  5. Translucent Blur UI, like this:
  6. CPU-Autofreq pre-installed on laptops for better battery life.
  7. Better extensions like Audio Input/Output switcher and Bluetooth Quick Connect installed by default.
  8. Hibernation option enabled by default.
  9. Zorin Appearance inside Settings (even if a shortcut).
  10. Upgrade path for all ZorinOS 16 installations :slight_smile:

So here is my wishlist, what's yours?


I would honestly like better audio and fingerprint support, my internal speakers are not playing anything (See here) and my fingerprint sensor is not recognised (See here).


In terms of fingerprint sensor that is down to integration of working driver within the Linux kernel which Tean Zorin have no control over. Similarly Audio too to some extent.

I wish zorin lite 17:
1-get theme and icon theme near to windows10 as default
2-depend on dockbarx plugin instead of docklike
3-make nemo fm the default instead of thunar,and configure somethings in it like thumbnail and open with terminal, rename with bulk
4-make vlc the default media player
5-enable steam by default with lite configration
6-make room in parsec for zorin gamer
7-include the links for the best free cloud game
8-enable orage app as default
9-enable anydesk instead of remmina
10-enable ms-edge as default instead of firefox, and enable it to run in the startup in the background with out gui window
11-enable indicator-cpufreq by default
12-include kdenlive instead of pitivi
13-include qt5setting as default

To come back to Zorin I would like to see a Debian or Devuan fork with;

  1. SysVinit replacing Systemd.
  2. No snap or flatpak packages.
  3. No Software channel, just Synaptic Package Manager with Gdebi also included as standard.
  4. Complete removal of Pulse Audio, just superior ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture).
  5. A (KDE) Plasma Desktop (Font and Cursor Management much more straightforward) and transparent screen menu by default.



I kinda get why you don't want snap packages, but have no idea that Flatpak was bad. Is there a reason for it?

At least a button/option to enable/disable snap/flatpack right at installation, and then in one of the software updater tab menu, so people can decide.


I wish Zorin always working out from the box without repairing package or application etc.

Its another kind of bloatware. When I was having issues with FerenOS and used Timeshift to restore the OS to a stable snapshot the amount of flatpak garbage being restored was horrendous.

I think some of these go against the ZorinOS philosophy which is to not be too complicated for beginners. Removing snap or flatpak basically means the death of the store for people who don't exclusively use outdated FOSS apps.


I hear what you're saying, but there's still problems getting some software working probably with flat and snap that needs to be addressed. Usually it's getting the software working out of its bobble.


I would like to see a Improved task manager in Zorin OS 17, Not like they are going to listen what I say but I would Like an Task Manager like Windows Operating System. With Features that show data stats of GPU and other stuff too :smiley:

I spent a lot of time trying to upgrade my task manager interface but found nothing, So, I would like if Zorin introduces a better Task Manager first in the competition. Personally I would be really happy :joy:


ZorinOS uses the standard Gnome System Monitor. If you want something powerful, you should look at KDE's system monitor.

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Well we can talking what we wish in next version but brothers Zorin know a better a code and they know with many testing and experience what is best for stable operating a system. I saw the code version 16 it is huge code.

By rebasing to Ubuntu 22.04, Zorin would get for free a lot of what I'd like - newest GNOME packages, etc. In addition to that:

  • Controversial opinion: I'd like to see more of the in-box productivity apps ship as Flatpak by default, such as Evolution and LibreOffice. These are apps that iterate rapidly and it's important to keep them up to date.
  • Pipewire is mature enough to be the default audio stack now and is a drastic improvement for us folks working in pro audio.
  • Echoing NayamAmarshe, Wine needs to be kept up to date more frequently as the current repo version is very long in the tooth.
  • Even more visual spit and polish will never go astray, though I am sure the Zorin brothers would never give this anything but their best efforts. There is now a GNOME extension that rounds off the bottom corners of every window, Windows 11-style ('Rounded Window Corners'), that could be utilised by default.
  • Include TLP by default for better battery utilisation on laptops.

Aside from that, I can't really think of very much to complain about. They have already got the experience damn near perfect with Zorin 16.


I don't think I will ever return to ubuntu. But I would love to see Zorin OS improved.

  • Option to choose what apps you want to install during the OS installation. This will prevent unnecessary usage of data during installation and will also save time after installation.

  • Option between OnlyOffice and Libre Office during installation. OnlyOffice works better for users coming from Windows because of better .*x format support and also because OnlyOffice works better with large spreadsheets.

  • Zorin Grid....It was announced more than 2 years back. I would like to see this in the next release of Zorin OS.

  • Opinion- Zorin OS 17 should be based on the plasma desktop. This goes against what I said a few months back. But that was when I did not switch to GNOME 40+.
    GNOME is a great desktop and all.I use it everyday. It is consistent and super easy to use. However, the objective of GNOME and that of Zorin OS does not align like at all. Zorin OS relies on heavy modifications and customization to change the interface completely to look like Mac OS or Windows. GNOME on the other hand is hell-bent on making the interface as unique and different as possible and to limit the amount of customization. I have been using GNOME 42 and use minimum number of extensions (about 5-6) and yet I see errors time to time. And if you see how many extensions Zorin OS uses, you would realize why this is a problem.
    KDE plasma on the other hand encourages customization and also has a windows-like interface by default, so obviously Plasma desktop is a better fit for Zorin OS.


I tried Fedora. I liked stable and simple with spins. If someone start with Linux Zorin is ok but after some time it starter boring that why i have Cinnamon on Zorin.

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I also think that the current version of GNOME and Zorin wouldn't work very well together. I can imagine Cinnamon or Plasma as a very good (and more stable) Desktop Environment for Zorin 17 Core and Pro.

As a daily driver I am super happy with Zorin so far. Only if I went full-on with all my audio projects on Linux, I would probably have to rely on Pipewire and prefer stock ALSA instead of PulseAudio.

An updated Evolution package would be nice, too.

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Zorin 17 full complete with drivers and package working out from the box like Zorin 16 Pro with kernel 15.3 I remember it was fast and stable maybe little problems. Now we have changing world with linux and new DE Gnome where everything changed. It will be interesting if Zorin will be something like a Fedora with spins with many option DE - here is link how ity looks.
You know example some DE fork with Zorin.

I would seeing amazing changing where people start using more Zorin and taken best place in Distrowatch.