When having many programs open Zorin took long to load (even froze) so I reinstalled it > cleaning up Disks now


I am very happy with Zorin :)! Actually addicted to it, haha.

However, when I had many programs open Zorin took long to load (even froze) so I reinstalled it. I want to start with a clean slate to give it another try.

I override all previous installs when I ran the setup wizard. I hope that also includes the encrypted ones :)?

Please watch printscreen of my new set up here: https://prnt.sc/1r6iDvTSWEHd

Is there anything I can do to clean up my disks more?

Thanks so much in advance for helping me out!

Warm regards,

Hi, and welcome!

The one thing that caught my eye was actually the temperature of the hard drive: 91°C. Despite it saying that is "OK", I think that's quite high. According to the specification, the upper end operating temperature should be at around 70°C.

You might want to check that your computer is free of dust on the inside, has proper room for air to flow, and that all fans are clean and able to spin properly.

Otherwise, the partitions are looking good.

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I wonder how you achieved such high temps. Mines on steady 25-50°C regardless of what kind of load its under. (look at the nvme-pci-0100 and nvme-pci-0500)

Same here. Even when my HDD is being put under such pressure that the system starts to lag a lot, the temperature is no more than 45°C

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@zenzen Thanks so much for your reply and help!

Guess it's time again to bring my pc to the shop again for a big clean up :)!

Sure, and while you are at it, make backups of all your important data on that drive. Just in case this is a sign that the drive is starting to fail or something. Even if it's not, it doesn't hurt to have extra copies.

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