When I click Try or Install Zorin OS it brings me to a black screen

I have a Lenovo L14 with an AMD 4750u and integrated graphics. Why doesn’t the installer let me boot into the OS?

I tried making an usb installer with rufus, etcher(don’t recommend etcher tbh), and now universal usb installer.
I don’t think it’s an USB problem, can anyone help me please?

Try: [SOLVED] Black screen after install
It still may be the USB, please see: USB boot install

Did you verify the checksum for the downloaded file?

Is it the Live USB that will not boot or an actual install of Zorin to your HDD?

I will try a new USB right now. I do not think that it’s the USBs fault. I used etcher, rufus, unetbootin, universal usb installer and nothing works. This will be my last try then I’ll give up on the Zorin OS Education version, i will try the core version then. I really want the programming tools though.

It is a Live USB! I want to try it first and if I like it I will split my HDD in halves. Gonna try one more time with a different old USB, if it doesn’t work I will switch to the Core version.

Why should I check the Checksum, when I downloaded it from the official website?
Sorry I am new to this.

You have complained that the ZorinOS file you have downloaded cannot be booted as Live USB. As you have tried two or more programs to attempt to do that, then I would guess cause may be a corrupted file or bad USB.
It never does any harm to do a SHA256 check regardless of source. Quickhash for Windows is easy to use for this task, (assuming you are downloading Zorin on Windows machine).
For what it is worth, I myself prefer Unetbootin as means of creating live USB’s, but that is personal choice.

If your laptop allows you to switch screen pre-OS, then this is the solution.