When Next version release?

Just wanted to know when next version like either 17.2 or whatever is dropping.
Just a kind suggestion to Zorin os team if possible make some telegram or discord or some social group where they can post their updates , new features and progress on upcoming version

And a thanks to all the devs involved in this project its a perfect linux distro for me with a great community support

If you're not getting any immediate answers to your questions or just want to stay up to date with the latest updates, I know that they have an active community outside of this forum. One of them is on Linux Questions at:


They're also on Twitter X at:


There's also another active community on Reddit at:


You can also check out the Zorin Blog here:


Hope this helps!

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Good point, is there a Discord community of Zorin?

Discord will never see me again even if they pay me to visit :rofl:

Assuming Zorin does the same thing they have done in the past, a wag estimate is perhaps December for ZOS 17.2 but it could vary by several months on either side. They usually release 3 point releases after the main release. They lag behind significantly from the Ubuntu LTS (22.04) which is already 2 years and 3 months old.