When wiping my windows 8.1, I chose the wrong option, it wants to reinstall it

It's an HP Pavilion 17 f230nr model
When choosing between the 3 options when wiping clean windows, I thought I chose the right one but now it wants to install it again and it's at the screen where I'm required to accept the terms of agreement for windows before I can do anything. How do I get out of this? I have Zorin OS pro 16.3 copied onto a 2.0 flash drive. I want to do away with windows if I can.

Did you do the 'fresh start' option? Sounds like it's just restoring Windows to your factory out-of-box state; clean, no users..

I would think you're okay with just wiping and proceeding to install, make sure Secure Boot is disabled - are you planning to keep Windows?

I can't get to any settings. I thought maybe there was some way to get out of it wanting me to reinstall windows. I was going to try just putting the flash drive in and see what happens. I can't be sure about the secure boot either. I'll give it a try. Not keeping windows.

You'll have to get into the BIOS to turn off Secure Boot before you'll be able to get any further.

While you're device is powered off, power it on - then immediately, and continuously, pressing Esc or F10 while your machine is powering on. You'll have some options, select 'BIOS' - from there you'll need to navigate to Security and disable Secure Boot.

Here's a video on how to enter BIOS for HP devices: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdFCKLlPM3o

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Well I was able to disable the secure boot. It took me back to the BIOS screen and wanted me to type 4 numbers and press enter to make sure it was me that wanted the change. When I tried doing this it wouldn't take what I typed in. I had replaced the keyboard so maybe it didn't recognize the input for that reason. Anyway, when I pressed enter it went on to give me a blue screen that says "recovery" your windows didn't recover correctly, what do you want to do with a couple of options.
How can I get the thumb drive recognized at this point?

Have you enabled BIOS security? That sounds like there's an 'admin password' preventing changes in the BIOS... usually user set..

You can change the boot order using the +/- buttons on the keyboard to move boot devices up and down. Leave your USB plugged in, get into BIOS, and change your first boot device to the USB device. That will force your PC to boot to the USB instead of the HDD/SSD, which you'll have to change back when you get going with install.. But, let's try that first.

Wanted to get that up first - but, for the BIOS password.. You may be able to clear that by pulling the battery, removing the cover, and pulling the CMOS battery for a few min; maybe press the power button a few times so all power is dissipated.

I was able to set the boot order. I checked the administrator password and the other password and they were both empty showing there were none and the values said clear. I'm the original owner. With all of this done and the thumb drive in and it powered off and then on again, it still comes up with the windows screen wanting me to start installing 8.1.
I was trying to avoid taking it to this guy who said he'd do it for $150 on Monday.
The computer won't turn off at all with this windows screen on. I have to unplug the dang thing. See, that shows how forceful windows is!

To force a power-off, hold the power button for 6sec. or more - the computer should just abruptly turn off. After that, power on and start pressing F12 - that's normally a boot option menu to select medias to boot from.. I'm looking up some things on your computer now actually.

That password stuff - awesome! Seems / sounds like it's not even set lol that was weird though; about the 4 digits..

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unHLKYf6Krg <-- Here we go - around the 45-50sec mark, you'll have to use Esc like before to get to the BIOS, instead of booting BIOS, select the USB from the list :sunglasses: F9 after pressing Esc to get to the boot options will let you select the device you want to boot.

I'd urge not doing that lol.. you can absolutely get this going for sure - there are tons of awesome guys and gals here to help :smile:

So I can't get that screen in the video to appear. I can get to the BIOS by taking the battery out and hitting F10 when I turn it back on but what do I do from there? The power will go off after about 10 seconds of holding the power button down. But it won't go into any other screen. I tap, tap, tap the F12 until it decides to do something and that something is take me back to the windows install screen. I held the F12 down and it did the same thing.
I don't know what time zone you're in but we can continue this tomorrow. Maybe someone else can chime in to help then too. I appreciate your help!

No worries, it shouldn't be this difficult really.

In BIOS - did you see any options for Legacy USB support by chance, and if so, is it disabled or enabled? This will need to be enabled. Also setting the first boot device as the USB should force to enter the USB - unless there's an issue with the USB or image..

What did you use to make your bootable USB?

I'm east coast time btw, US.

Looking vs having the equipment is quite different haha I don't personally have any HP devices myself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuPFZ4QA29k <-- disregard all the Windows stuff. My mistake on F12, that's usually a universal boot option select menu to select other devices to boot from - my bad! Do any of your option menus look like that video? If you have the F9 boot device options, you should be able to select the USB from pressing F9 from that menu.

I did see the Legacy there. I will check to see if it's enabled. The copy was sent from directly to my email from Zorin. Nothing looks like that menu. I don't get any options. I'm stuck on the screen that asks for my selections (english, etc.) to start installing windows again. That is unless I take out the battery and plug it in and go into BIOS settings that way. I'm central time so I won't keep you up any longer.

Not keeping me up - this is what I do!

So, what application did you use to write the .ISO image to the USB device?

You can definitely remove the HDD and leave the USB plugged in to see if your USB is bootable.

I downloaded the zorin onto my asus and then put it onto my flash drive. What is the HDD?

I think I know what's going on - the .ISO file has to be extracted by something like Rufus or BalenaEtcher to make the USB itself bootable with the Zorin OS.

HDD = hard drive, just abbreviated.

You can use either applications, Etcher or Rufus, to make the bootable. There is another option without applications you can use - you mount the .ISO file (in Windows), format the USB, then copy all of the contents of the mounted .ISO to the root of the USB.

I'll get some guides on both if you need them!

Actually: Install Zorin OS - Zorin Help <-- Didn't have to go very far! :wink:

The above is for Etcher, How to Create a Bootable USB Using Rufus for Linux Distributions - TREND OCEANS <-- that one is for Rufus. Rufus runs as a portable so no need to install.

The Zorin OS pro was downloaded and included the balenchetcher with it as a separate download. So there are two entries, Zorin and the balenchaetcher.

Right - did you use Etcher to write the .ISO file to the USB?

Um, no.
I do that on my asus (which is the computer I downloaded the zorin file from) right? I execute balenchetcher and put zorin into it and then put it onto the thumb drive?

Yes, you'll be asked to select the .ISO file, which device to write to, and then press Flash! and after a few min, it'll be ready! :grin: The Zorin guide has all the steps laid out pretty well!

Thanks. I was lost when I first tried to go by the guide. Maybe I'll understand it better now. When I first got the Pro I got a code to refer to for support but I don't know where that comes into the equation when you need help.
I have to go for the night. I'll check the guide tonight and try that. Thanks!