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When Zorin OS will support gnome 40?

Yes, I know nothing is perfect. It depends on the person who uses it but I need performance here.
Which can give better performance
Gnome or plasma?

I would lean toward Gnome. But I admit, that is a pretty close race. Others may totally disagree.

One thing you can try if you want more certainty is to Test a KDE distro on LiveUSB. This will not give you an accurate Performance Measure because of the USB bottleneck. But what it will do is let you explore Plasma 5 Desktop thoroughly and see how you feel about it. If it looks like a good desktop, then try the above steps installing on on Zorin and testing its performance as the final measure.

This is because if you install it and hate it before you can even test its performance, you do not have to remove it.:wink:

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Okay. I am trying.
Do I get all the Zorin features in KDE plasma

Thank you very much. Now it is installing.

Zorin Specific Applications only work (Or work properly) on Zorin OS default desktop.s Like Zorin Appearance, for example. It will not work on KDE.
But most standard apps are cross-D.E. compatible.

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Oh, that means Zorin appearance does not work.
It's okay

Can I use tweak tools in kde?

No, the Gnome-Tweak-Tool is for Gnome, only. However... KDE comes with extensive Settings built-in, unlike Gnome. You will not need a Tweak Tool at all.

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Oh, how to use that built-in tool?

On Zorin OS Core, you recall how you could open Settings for many different aspects of the Desktop.
For example, Zorin OS includes a Gnome Extension that adds a Panel Settings dialog to the Gnome-Shell Panel.
In Files Nautilus, you can open "Preferences"
These are Built-in functions on Zorin OS.

On KDE, it is the same way. You would access the settings for that desktop functions through its Settings Option.
Others that understand and use KDE or Plasma (Or Trinity) desktop can probably help you in greater detail.

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Have I correctly installed that?

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Where is my cute Zorin start menu icon?

Well you installed a different Desktop Environment, so you should aware that things arre different than the Zorin Gnome or XFCE for that matter.


Kde is very different from gnome.
Please help me to learn it.

Hello @Aravisian sir

I uh...
I am not the best person to ask how to learn it. I never figured out how, either. :grin:
@swarfendor437 is a good person to ask
There are many others. Um let's see... @zGnOmaha

In the meantime, you can still log out and then log in on Zorin Desktop (Gnome) while you wait on KDE users to help.

Okay, thank you very much. Kde is more like windows. I liked its look and performence. It's smoother than a gnome.

Kde is well loved by many. It is well built. Solid development. Highly configurable. And a complete and total mystery to me.


I know I do not have a right to tell you this but I want to say you should also try this.

I have.
Many times.
I still have not figured KDE out.

I suspect that some day, I just will have to bite the bullet and log in and not log out until I have defeated my mental blocks.

KDE and XFCE are both favorites of Linus Torvalds, too.

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Hello I have set the dark theme but here the theme inside the applications is still not changing