Where did all these games come from

Been kinda busy so I'm just no getting around to this .... 2-3 days ago when I fired up the LT the you have new downloads to install came up so as usual I hit OK and off she went ... not unusual as that happen every day ... later that evening I was going through the app menu when I hit the games category ... now normally I only have about 6-7 games in it so you can imagine my surprise when I found 50 new so called games .... now I don't consider these real games just things to pass the time away ....

I have no idea where they came from or how to get ride of them .... don't need them taking up space on my HD .... I checked in the installed software and found abot 5 and uninstalled them but the rest I have no idea ....

Here are 2 photos of these games or puzzles ...

Good question.
Those don't come in updates.


Where would these games be stored ... in which folder ... and can I just delete them when I find them .... I checked on the software store again and can't find any of them ....

What have you installed recently?

grep "install" /var/log/dpkg.log

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When I can't see things in normal way like in software updates, I check through the hard way synaptic and terminal. There are games that cannot easily be seen because there name in the menu is different in the name of its folder or their repository that's why I check the list of installed in synaptic.

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Whatever you do, don't play "Global Thermonuclear War".


It's a package of puzzles called "sgt-puzzles":

sgt-puzzles/bionic,now 20170606.272beef-1ubuntu1 amd64 [installed] Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection - 1-player puzzle games

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I could be wrong... but I have that package and it comes with only about 5 or ten games or so.

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Is it not part of the xfce installation ? I saw a distro based on xfce with all those games installed

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When I search the cube

When I search dominosa

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Here's the list of puzzles in the package. Copied from:
apt show sgt-puzzles

  • Black Box, ball-finding puzzle
  • Bridges, bridge-placing puzzle
  • Cube, rolling cube puzzle
  • Dominosa, domino tiling puzzle
  • Fifteen, sliding block puzzle
  • Filling, polyomino puzzle
  • Flip, tile inversion puzzle
  • Galaxies, symmetric polyomino puzzle
  • Guess, combination-guessing puzzle
  • Inertia, gem-collecting puzzle
  • Keen, arithmetic Latin square puzzle
  • Light Up, light-bulb placing puzzle
  • Loopy, loop-drawing puzzle
  • Magnets, magnet-placing puzzle
  • Map, map-colouring puzzle
  • Mines, mine-finding puzzle
  • Net, network jigsaw puzzle
  • Netslide, toroidal sliding network puzzle
  • Pattern
  • Pearl, loop-drawing puzzle
  • Pegs, peg solitaire puzzle
  • Range, visible-distance puzzle
  • Rectangles
  • Same Game, block-clearing puzzle
  • Signpost, square-connecting puzzle
  • Singles, number-removing puzzle
  • Sixteen, toroidal sliding block puzzle
  • Slant, maze-drawing puzzle
  • Solo, number placement puzzle
  • Tents, tent-placing puzzle
  • Towers, tower-placing Latin square puzzle
  • Twiddle, rotational sliding block puzzle
  • Undead, monster-placing puzzle
  • Unequal, Latin square puzzle
  • Unruly, black and white grid puzzle
  • Untangle, planar graph layout puzzle

I speculate that installing XFCE comes with a handful of the sgt-puzzles package. The user must then install the full package to get the rest.

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Just out of curiosity, I run the same command on my Zorin 16 Pro.
I have exactly the same list of puzzles which I did not install myself.
I am puzzled (pan intended).


apt show lists what is in apt, not what is installed.

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Oh, right!
I forgot the basics :sweat_smile:

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I ran that program yesterday evening and it showed all the games that were downloaded .... now my next question how do I delete these games (especially the puzzles) "sgt-puzzles" ....

When I right click on a game and look to delete it the delete feature is grayed out ....

Most of the games that I checked showed they were not installed ...

If they are not installed, just a decoration, just edit it in the menu editor will do. You will just hide them. But what comes to my mind now if there is some libraries that connected to those games that supposed to be not installed but in your system. Because it sounds like they are in there, but not in there.


Thanks for that reply I'll check it out ... :+1:

OMG .... I just found out if you are in Gnome desktop you can go to the Games folder in your menu and left click on a game and select Show Details a screen pops up letting you delete the game .... easy peasy (hummm is peasy a word LOL)

OK I'll be happily clicking away .... LOL

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They are all gone except the ones supplied by Zorin ... 6 in total .... and I'm a happy man ... LOL