Where do I save a document in Libre Office {OS 16}

When I've typed a document, I can press the "save" icon, but I don't see the "save" button, once I've named it. In Linux Mint, it was easy, the "save" button was there, bottom right and saving was straightforward. This isn't happening with Libre Office in Zorin OS 16. How can I save my documents ?

When I first installed Zorin16 I had the same problem. When I looked carefully, I found the SAVE button at the top right corner in line with NAME. In my case only SA is visible, with the VE off page, but it works when clicked. See if you have part of the SAVE box there. Also it is annoying that you cannot create a new folder when you click 'Save as'.

Also, you can change the default view. Underneath the Right Side Close, min, max buttins is a hamburger icon. Click that menu, then select "User Interface". Change that setting to "Standard."

Ian4238, thank you so, so much !
Your solution was the one. The page is set out in such a strange way, I couldn't find the SAVE button anywhere. Then I followed along the NAME line, and by sliding the page to the left a little, the whole SAVE button became visible. And I was able to save a document.
It's funny, it's so easy in Linux Mint. I thought that being a Linux distro, Zorin would handle it the same, but no ! I have to say, this, for me, would have been a deal breaker. I tried Zorin OS 15 Lite back in early 2020 and as much as I liked it, I spent 5 months trying to get the screen to fit and in the end gave up and went to Mint and bought a new computer. But Mint has crashed on me 3 times in 18 months {each time, after an update !} and when it happened last week, I thought that now I have a computer that can handle the screen resolution, let me try Zorin again, so here I am. But I would have left if I hadn't been able to get Libre to save, so once again, a big thanks.
It may seem that it was a simple solution and I'm getting all excited for nothing, but trust me, it's huge !

Thanks for that. By doing that, a load of features that I couldn't get to work have now appeared. I feel more confident about Zorin now.

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I still cannot make the 'Save' button or the 'New Folder' buttons show properly. The 'Save' button in Libre Writer is not the problem. It is in the new screen that appears enabling you to name the file and choose a folder where you can park it. It displays in a wide screen format that leaves half the page invisible. The 'Save' and 'New Folder' buttons are now in top right corner, not bottom right. In 3 months of trying I have not been able to fix it. For a newcomer it must be a deciding factor whether to move to another distro. I rather selfishly asked Zorin Team for help with 'Login Sounds' and installed Free Office to get rid of the problem. In Zorin 15 Lite, Linux Lite (XFCE) and Makulu (Gnome)the 'Save' button is still bottom right, and the page displays properly. There may be members of the forum who can fix this, but I am no expert. Not that many people use word processors now, but some do. Free Office Textmaker reads .ODT but won't save in that format. It can save as .docx which is handy dealing with WIN users, but leaves you with a bunch of different files.

I just drag the page to the left, about an inch, and the "save" button is there in its fullness. I just make a new folder by right clicking, once. The option should show up. I made a couple of new folders yesterday, so I know it can be done, and I'm pretty lame when it comes to the inner workings of computers !

I'm glad you are happy with the 'fiddling to make it work'.
As I said, I use Free Office without problems, and I think this is a fault that can be fixed so that newcomers can cope.

I have found the problem in my case. I have used a Dell monitor with Aspect ratio 4:3 with my main PC from new, and it worked perfectly well with Zorin 15. When I switched to Zorin 16 Pro/Lite I had this display problem, even though in Settings it had the monitor described correctly as Dell 19". Recently I connected an older monitor 16:9 aspect (wide screen), and it works properly. When saving a document in Libre Office, the 'SAVE' page displays in full - you can see the save and new folder buttons.

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I first tried out Zorin OS 15 Lite back in 2020 and the computer I was using at the time just wouldn't accommodate the page. It was so annoying that I got a new computer and just went with Linux Mint. But nearly 2 years and 3 or 4 major crashes later, I'm back !
I'm glad you've found a solution.

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