Where is Zorin Ultra?

I did by Zorin Ultra in Summer 2019

Then had no time and need to use it, beside 1 time to read my Snology NAS HDDs

now I try to install Dvincy Resolve but seems not to run.
Anyway there are a lot of Updates in the line but no server work, nothing, whatever I choose.

Then I did want to re-install the Zorin Ultra completely and found out that it seems not existing any more. MAybe this is the reason for no update?

I am totally confused.

The Pro Zorin (Or Zorin Ultimate) download link expires after a reasonable amount of time.
You may try requesting a new download link:

If you lose access to this email in the future, you can re-send it automatically by pressing the "Download" button on the Zorin OS Pro webpage and clicking on the "Re-send your download link for Zorin OS Pro" link at the bottom of the checkout.

If lost email:

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