Where is Zorin Upgrader?

I have been trying, in every capacity that I can think of, to find the binary to run Zorin upgrader. This has me completely befuddled.

End result of apt list --installed | grep zorin:

and an attempt to run the upgrader from the terminal.

Though it is installed, it is not listed in system or utilities of applications.

I have tried purging and reinstalling upgrader. There are many updates to the application, through apt, but the executable (binary) is not located on my system.

There are 15 to 16 lite autostart and 15 to 16 autostart under /usr/share/bin and /usr/bin, but I was under the impression that there is a standalone application that could be run .

Thoughts regarding this would be greatly appreciated.

The .desktop file:


I asked it to Google Bard and it told me sudo zorin-os-upgrader.

@Luca_Pavan I should have received a permission error, not an unknown command error.

@Aravisian I'll have to check the lib directory when I'm on next time... though it's an odd place for a bin file isn't it?

I wonder if it is not showing in System if you are using a non-standard desktop environment...

Sorry. I will try to do better next time.

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Why are you sorry? You gave me a place to look and see why it's not activating. Being a library instead of being in bin may shed some light in it.

I don't have desktop icons on or in use, so had no way to check this i believe. It was very helpful.

Edit: you are always extremely helpful. I'm sorry if i came off as dismissing.

I was thinking that to... because I'm in kde it's not showing. There are many gtk applications that are not showing in the qt interface, though they are still there and run from the terminal.

You can see this here in the .desktop file:

The app will only show in Gnome or XFCE D.E.'s

That was my warped sense of humor.

Suggestions, just to try them all:

Make sure you are using the latest version of Zorin OS.
Install the command.
Run the command with root privileges.
Check if the command is available in the current path directory.
Check if the command is enabled.
Check if the command conflicts with another command.
Check if the command is corrupted.
Check if the firewall is blocking the command.

Eventually you can always ask Zorin's support team for help.