Which computer brand do you prefer?

Hey, a lot of debate about this (I think, possibly somewhere else) - Which computer brand do you prefer?

  • StarLabs
  • System76
  • Dell
  • Lenovo
  • HP
  • Asus
  • Acer
  • MSI
  • Razer
  • One of the big company's
  • Other

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Laptops: Lenovo
Desktops: Whatever :wink:


I chose Asus, but acer system 76 and even Samsung are solid machines. Msi, hp, Lenovo and Dell are usually budget builds (laptops) and on the low end of performance. They may use top of the line parts (cpu, gpu, wifi and ram) but lack the ability to utilize each part to its full potential because of the limitations of the cheap motherboard used in their manufacture.

I thought I saw a Dell laptop with a 4GB Nvidia card that costs £1,300. One of the Vostro laptops.

Yes, but still with a low end MB, bottlenecking any real performance. I'm not saying they're the worst, but compared to other gaming laptops, it's cheap. A mid to hi end is going to to run you 2000+.

A lot of the new games are requiring 8GB GPUs at a minimum. It may be the latest nvidia card, with junk performance due to the RAM. That's why the benchmarks show older cards doing better.... usually higher ram.

I suppose that does make sense. Those laptops are really more for business/creators.

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You have to take each component and consider the limitations placed on the whole.

I have chosen for Acer because i have a good gaming laptop from acer. I never used a laptop or desktop that long. Bought the Acer Predator G9-793 in december 2017 and i am still using it.

The problem all that motherboards bleeding.

I love ASRock Deskmini series.

What do you mean 'bleeding'?

They are all can be hacked and they are. All motherboards collect information about us to be better a control. The same in smartwatch and mobiles. Everywhere on every step our life.

What do you want with a speech that just makes others uneasy and solves nothing?

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That is only my opinion. Nobody must believe that. Everyone doing the choices in life. Why you choice a linux because a windows is bloat and collect a data.

For Laptop : HP, taking care of 3 different ones (mine and family members) all installed with Linux. Cheap and reliable. And mine has seen hell, because I move a lot.

Got a Beelink mini desktop. Cheap, powerful, utterly satisfied with it and Linux friendly or ready whatever.

When I say powerful, it's n regard of my needs, of course : mainly writing, web browsing, and watching videos.

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Do people support HP because they support Linux and sell inexpensive laptops?

I think all brands support Linux but HP has the lowest issues maybe? I've seen Dell, HP and Lenovo have some laptops that allows the user to choose Ubuntu (or possibly Fedora) as the OS.

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I used to have a Dell laptop, but stopped using it because it was cumbersome to update the firmware so often.

Why on the list isn't apple? It is also unix system.

I grouped both Apple and Microsoft as a choice 'One of the big company's' as they're both big companies.