Which Ver Ubuntu Will Zorin 17 Be Based On?

Hoping for at least 23.04 since I have a specific use case in mind: newest hamlib 4.5.5 for my rig.

Any idea?


22.04 I believe? :thinking:

Don't quote me though.. Dying to try out 17 on another machine I have.

Yes, 22.04.
The ZorinGroup has opted to not rely on the Interim short term support Ubuntu releases. 23.04 is an Interim STS.

To the topic: I have reviewed the repository for hamlib:

It appears that they release a new version for each major release cycle of Ubuntu. So, I honestly do not understand why the version 4.5.5 is required by your machine.
Perhaps you can clarify that - but if it is actually required by your machine, then I would rather bluntly point out that this becomes a fault of the hamlibrary developers for designating their package as only for latest release instead of doing the work to encompass the hardware.
Especially as both Lunar Lobster and Manic Minotaur are STS interim releases.


It's not the computer that requires it. The tranceiver I have is not supported below hamlib v4.5. This is problematic.

Ah, I see. You may need to use a rolling release distro or Very recent release.

That was almost the case with the software I use for work: I need to use the 0.7 version because the latest 0.8 version is made for Ubuntu 22.04 and can't be used in earlier releases without extensive tinkering. The 0.7 version has a crucial fix, and if the said fix was released in the 0.8 it would make Zorin literally unusable for a lot of people. Using an older LTS might be stable but it has a drawback for users in the workplace because software updates and fixes are always going to aim at the latest Ubuntu LTS.

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