White screen on bing maps

Hi All,
I have a wee problem though I'm not sure whether it's really appropriate to ask about issues with microsoft applications here! I know they should be dealing with it but unfortunately you have to have an account with Microsoft to ask questions and I don't want to open one (same reasons why I moved to Zorin a while back [must be getting close to a decade now actually!])
Anyway I'm running Zorin core 15.2 on an Asus P5K-VM and I think the graphics card is made by Intel Corp so not nvidia?
The problem is that a few months ago Bing Maps (which I love because it has UK Ordnance Survey maps) suddenly decided to offer me only a blank white page! I can get directions from one white spot to another, measure distances between them etc. but no actual map to look at! I live in Scotland and it is often foggy but this really takes the biscuit!
Anyway I hoped the problem might cure itself in time like they sometimes do, but no luck yet.....
I have found stuff about similar problems by looking online but nothing relating to linux distros, and also mostly fairly incomprehensible to me as I generally need a bit of handholding with computers as you may remember.
I was wondering if anybody on here has any idea what it could be or how to diagnose/solve the problem?

Woops, I didn't realise 15.2 was not getting support beyond this month! Thanks for the heads up!
Sounds like for starter's I'd better upgrade.
Also I will try some other browsers tomorrow (getting a bit late here now.... might have been better if I didn't put up a post so close to bed time....)
Anyway I'll get back onto this in the morning, in the mean time thanks for your suggestions.
I'll let you know how it goes.
Cheers Justin
BTW the computer is v.old but it is at least 64 bit.



Also, check and refresh your net connection and reset your router. Packet loss can cause a white screen on Bing maps.

Ok Zorinistas,
since I finally got round to doing the upgrade from 15 to 16.2 bing maps is back!
I thank you all for your help though the post that suggested I should try upgrading has disappeared from the thread and I can't mark it as the solution.
Anyway thanks again.
Now to start another much more important thread involving what happened when I did the upgrade.....
just give me 20 mins.

I have marked your post as the solution since it contains the solution that worked.

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