Who has Zorin OS 16 pro here?

Sorry, I don't mean any harm. I'm just new here. Sorry for misunderstanding.

It's sad that some of you judge a person so easily.

DM /PM (Direct messaging or Private Messaging) may be used, but it is inadvisable to exchange email addresses.


HAHA - I didn't just drop off the truck yesterday my friend. Pssst, secret.....Not....Gonna....Happen. :rofl:


email is private so members would be well advised to ignor your request.
Your request could be regarded as potential email harvesting for spamming purposes and should be called out as such.


Or ransomewear, or direct hack attempts.

:100:% AGREED!


Topic closed due to a violation of the Forum policy against the private mail address harvesting.

Please do not take it personal.
We are NOT judging you in person.

We simply judged the content of your posting.

(Restored original post)

Need help please. Drop your email. It's private and also I need help for my project.

I closed the thread since I was afraid this posting could instigate a frame.

It is a duty of moderators to protect the forum members.
This forum in not exclusive to the mature adults. There also are under aged members. The moderators must be very careful for any mail address harvesting.

You made a same excuse 23 days ago:

If you think you do not know the forum rule, please read and understand what is allowed and what is not allowed.
I think 3 weeks are long enough time to do so.
(Thanks for @StarTreker for the idea of posting actual link here)

I found your attempt for email address harvesting in another thread.
Just please STOP.


It has nothing to do with judgement. It is the policy of the forum as outlined in the FAQ. It would be no different than asking for your credit card number complete with cvv.

Since the matter is private in concerned that you are trying to get a pro copy for free. This is not done here. We believe in the os, the developers hard work and all contribute to obtain pro.

Before posting again please read the FAQ and Terms of Service--Advertising Policy as well as Introduction to Hardware Support. Please consider these things carefully when posting.


For the Record:

I had PM'd DarkZorin and directly and privately offered help with Zorin OS Pro.
DarkZorin never replied to that offer.

There is no reason, whatsoever, for any user to need to gather Email addresses.