Why 3x boot choice?

I understand 2x uefi and normal boot. Why it comes with 3x I saw example POP OS when I tried and booting was only one choice. What wrong with this booting?

You have a duplicate Ubuntu entry. Are you running lite and core zorin? This may show as the same, but being both are in p1 partition it seems like a duplicate.

Manual and auto detected entries?

This is only one Zorin xfce operating system on new hard disk ssd.

Try deleting one of them and make sure you can boot Zorin.

How to delete one from them? Some file configuration boot?

You can perform this action in the uefi screen at boot (what used to be the bios), go to boot tab and select one, then hit the remove or minus sign.

Yes it could be here.
sudo nano /boot/grub/grub.cfg

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