Why can't i paste files in this partition

i format the partition to ext4 now i cant paste files in this partition

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I assume this is because of the format type from reading this:


what is the lost+found folder

According to this site:

The lost+found folder is a special directory used by the fsck system utility (which checks the root filesystem). It contains data that has become obsolete and is created with partitions of the Extended File System (ext2-ext4), which is created at the root of a volume.

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Did you format in ext4 by chance? Very first time I formatted a USB stick it was ext4 - couldn't use it due to root permissions. You can change the permissions, or reformat in FAT32/exFAT.

If using Linux, it should be formatted to ext4.

FAT32 can only be used on limited space, as well.

The answer to this is to set the permissions; not to use an improper format.

sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /mnt/data

Zorin OS comes with the ntfs-3g package installed which gives it the ability to read NTFS formatted partitions. This makes things easier for Windows Users arriving to Linux.

Just noticed the Sandisk; all mine aren't used for Linux but, of course, I do use them in Linux. Usually camera, dash cam, other small devices that doesn't read extX. And yeah, can't forget the limits of 32, why I mentioned ex heh.

About NTFS though, I can definitely write to my Win drive without issues. I do remember that being problematic before with NTFS but, guess it got worked out? I'm not complaining haha

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