Why do Gnome applications have a dependency on zorin-os-desktop?

Apps such as Gnome Software Center have a dependency on zorin-os-desktop and cannot seem to be uninstalled. This is an interference with the competition and is not appropriate. :face_exhaling:

This has been an increasing trend in Linux software since SystemD was widely adopted.
Linux apps have moved in some rather interesting directions, including becoming Less Modular and with resistance from others - more modular in some ways but by being containerized (Which truly is not much better...)

What it comes down to is Human Nature.

Linux is Free Open Source and is founded on a form of near-Altruism.

But humans are not altruistic. We might start out with good intentions, but after we feel financial pinch or after other Maintainers with Different Motives take over a project - They have other ideas.
We see this in companies that start out quality, but after being taken over or bought out by a larger company, switch to lower quality products at higher prices.

Over time, Gnome became more populated by Red Hat former employees.


Even if a package dependency seems technically unnecessary, is it difficult to break?

Can you clarify the question?

Assuming that I understood it correctly:
If you are certain that a package dependency is truly unnecessary, then you can remove the dependency by extracting the .deb file and modifying the contents of the depends file, then re-wrapping the extracted directory into a .deb package with debuild.
I do not recommend this unless you know what you are doing.

That said, it is, as you can see above, a very simple process and I have done it a great many times. So, yes - it can be done.

My explanation may have been insufficient. I say "This is an interference with the competition and is not appropriate." So it only makes sense when distros such as Zorin OS do so.

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