Why does Zorin dark themes change text color?

Dark themes are difficult to read because the text is a similar color to the background. As with the light theme, the text color of the dark theme would be better unified with white.

I know that the theme can be customized, but I am afraid that it will give a bad impression to those who are experiencing Zorin OS for the first time.


Can you give examples of this behavior as dark theme has pretty good contrast for text/background for me most of the time (99ish%)

Dark theme (whilst trying Z16.2 Core Live USB yesterday) default text colour is blue (e.g. Panel date/time etc). If you select black then text changes to white. I agree with @Hackgets , white on black should be factory default not blue on black.


I just checked the dark themes for contrast, and perhaps I used the wrong color codes but they all reported to have enough contrast according to WCAG:

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I also agree with HackGets and zabadabadoo.
I find it odd that the Font Color gets tinted the same color as the background and depending on screen and display settings, for some users this issue could be less minor and more pronounced.

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In other words, it is difficult to see how the background color is fixed at white in light mode, while in dark mode the background and text colors are linked.

Interesting, I always appreciated that the dark-theme had a dark background with light text.Made theme more cohesive and pretty looking.

This reminds me of the study (not read very thoroughly,can't comment on its reliability) That precieved contrast for light mode is more because our brain is more used to that plus more light from light mode dilates the pupil.

And I know this is not exactly what this topic is about but from the few anecdotal discussions that I have been part of it seems like darkmode user are a loud majority And the less eye strain from dark mode doesn't necessarily apply for everyone, but people use It because 'everyone' claims that it is better.[I absolutely swear by dark mode,but looking at a white car on a bright day hurts my eyes, so I guess it's different for everyone]
So if you don't suffer severe strain from light mode maybe it's better than dark-mode for you?

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I do not want such a discussion. My concerns have already been stated.

I see, I didn't register that when i read op.I misunderstood as the post was in customization.
Maybe this post is better suited for feedback?


Is it possible that the monitor's settings are playing a role here? It's clear that the text is tinted with the accent color a bit, and while I personally don't like it too much, it's not hard to read for me.

That is an impractical want on a Discussion Forum.

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I think what he ment was the post is not about his personal need hence no need for a discussion about what he might like or an individual solution, but rather a broader discussion covering the average user.

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I would also wish to criticise why standard Zorin Light Theme has to have White Taskbar and Dark Theme has to have black Taskbar.

On Z15 I had standard Light Theme and Dark Taskbar, but now I can't have that without theme customisation.

It would be good if those two components could be separated to give user choice of Taskbar Colour different from Theme. Maybe something for Z17?

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Well I have stumbed on a compromise:

I selected Transparent Panel extension from Gnome Tweaks. That resulted in White Text on White Panel background.

I then set panel opacity to 15% which lets the dark bottom of the background picture through so giving me White Text on Dark Taskbar.

It's not as good as my Z15 taskbar setup, but much better to my taste than a white taskbar and black text.

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