Why donwload sizes in software store are extremly big?

I'm new user to the Linux world, and I use Zorin with a vmware to try the OS and why not install it as my main OS instead of windows.

When i was trying to install some applications in software store and I've notice the downloads size and I was surprised how they bigger than usual, for example vscode is 1.8 GB and in windows is just < 200 MB ?

The large bloated size is probably due to the Software Store trying to install a Snap or Flatpak package.
Zorin OS offered something new in Zorin OS 16- the ability to click a `Sources~ button on the Headerbar of the software store and see the sources available.
Failing that, you can just navigate to the installation page of that program in Software Store and scroll down to "sources" and read it there.

Snap and Flatpaks both operate on the notion of "Bring everything including the kitchen sink" - all dependencies and extra packages that may be needed for that piece of software.

In installed VS code on my machine many months ago and it was around the 200 mb's you cite. I did not install from Software Store (and I do not install anything from the Software Store...)


Software Store needs some care in use for the reason @Aravisian has mentioned. Snaps and Flatpaks of apps are advertised there as well as standard apt downloads.
Snaps or Flatpaks may look more attractive as they may be later versions of the app you want, but that modernerty comes at a price i.e. big download containerised with all the dependancies needed to run. Do check what type of package you are getting before you choose to install it.


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