Why is there no "Install zorin alongside windows" option in Zorin os 16 beta?

I found another thread listing the same issue, but i didnt understand the reason. Can anyone please tell me why this happens?

The option to "install alongside of Windows" will not appear unless there is a Partition available to allocate Zorin OS to.
You can choose the "Something Else" option to create a partition to install Zorin OS to or you can create a partition using the Windows partition manager in Windows, then boot your Zorin OS install disk.

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Okay then, is there any big difference in dual booting by the option 'install alongside of windows' or creating partition from the 'something else' option?

There is no difference in formatting or in performance. The only difference is in the automation of the installation.
Clicking "Install alongside" will automatically partition based on all available free space.
Clicking "Something else" will let you control the size and placement of the partition t be used or even if you want to use a different disk entirely.

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Oh tysm <3

Here is a link toward Swarfendors "Unofficial Manual" for Zorin OS. This manual is for Zorin OS 15, but as far as the installation tutorial goes, it will be applicable to Zorin OS 16 in most every regard.

I already have it but the partition making things are still a pain in my head. I dont know why im not understanding it even tho he explains it very well

Whenever this happens to me, I usually find it is because... it scares me. It is not a lack of ability as much as it is the brain trying to be protective: What happens if you make a mistake and overwrite the Windows partition?
In actuality, it is difficult to make that kind of mistake. But that fear of the unknown is enough to create the mental block.

If you have access to more than one method of using the forum, maybe we can walk through the process as you do it, ensuring a smooth installation along the way.

Yeah, thats exactly whats going through my mind lol

This confuses me...

In that video he didnt create a partition and still was able to see the option 'install alongside windows'. He is installing Linux mint but i hope the process is same

Starting around the Five Minute mark is where he managed the partitions.