WIFI Adapter (Archer T6e) acts weird

Hi, having a strange problem with ZorinOS 16 Pro. My Wifi adapter acts very weirdly. Sometimes, after startup or restart, it can't find my wifi. See only others' wifi.
But this problem is only on Linux. Having dual boot with W10 and there are no problems with this adapter.
My Wifi adapter is "TP LINK Archer T6e AC1300" (BCM4360 802.11 ac as seen on Additional drivers)

Did a websearch and found this:

I removed my post because i thought it was the same wifi card as i have but i have a mini usb ac1300 and he has a ac1300 card.

I have the same adapter, V2

During the installation of Zorin OS Pro 16, I used it to download updates. After the reboot, the adapter was not detected.
I solved the problem like this: I connected the Internet via LAN and downloaded and installed the current driver in the "Drivers".
I don't see any problems with this adapter.


yep, I did the same but problems persist :frowning:

The only difference between @alfacs and @Fryer1 is alfacs has Z16 Pro and Fryer1 has Z16 Core.
Whilst that itself should not be the cause of this, it may give others thinking about it a steer.