WiFi adapter doesn't work

Zorin doesn't detect my WiFi adapter, so I can't connect to my WiFi. Is there anything I can do? I never really used Linux before :stuck_out_tongue:


Can you connect via ethernet or hotspot?

well first I'd try to connect to the Internet in some other capacity, like for example using your phone with USB-Tethering or a LAN-Cable

once you're connected, check the Driver utility which Zorin includes for any additional WiFi drivers

Alright, I'll try that

I can connect to the internet now using wired ethernet. It says all the drivers are installed

I have the same problem, except that in the beginning the adapter was sometimes recognized, but now I can't use WLAN at all. Unfortunately, the support of the motherboard did not want to help me. That was my post about it: WLAN issues - #3 by The_only_one
Do you have the same WLAN adapter?

This is an option if all else fails:

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You need to check the Wifi adapter you are using and make sure that particular driver is installed. It does not pick up all Wifi Adapters.

Look on the box, it should tell you which driver it needs. And like most hardware not everything is compatible with other OS's. Does it say works with Linux on it?

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