Wifi card issue on Mac book

If you are using "Try Zorin" on USB drive without persistence, then you will loose the changes you make on next reboot.


An update i i installed ssd and installed zorin os 16 core it works fine my dad is happy with the os


Your forum profile indicates you have ZorinOS "Lite", not "Core". Can you please edit your profile if you have changed from Lite to Core, as helpers will otherwise see you as having xfce rather than gnome DE edition of Zorin if they look at your profile. Thanks. Zab.

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Done actually i made this account when i had lite on my old laptop and Today i installed it on my Mac book so i edited my profile to lite and core thank you for telling me

I found a big issue in wifi as my dad works and he needs internet so basically i observed that after sometime of using wifi on zorin os 16 core , wifi goes off no internet connection it says no internet . So click on turn off on internet tab but then my laptop freezes and not responding to anyinput then i have to force shutdown so is there any way to fix this issue because he lives far away and he is on leave so i have fix it before he leaves . Thank u
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Can you tell us what Macbook model you have and what wifi chipset it has?
In the meantime this forum thread may be of some interest:

You can also try websearch using "macbook wifi ubuntu 20.04" as search term.

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Currently it is using Broadcom 802.11 Linux STA wireless driver source from bcmwl - kernel-source ( airport extreme ) and the macbook model is Mac book pro .

OK. You have indicated your wifi driver but not which Broadcom wifi adapter model you have. Also the year of your Macbook Pro could be a help.

However, Doing some more websearches myself, I have found little success in locating any solution that is less than about 7 years old. Your alternative could be to purchase a low cost USB wifi dongle. Like one of these:

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See if this article helps:

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My dad will not buy any dongle and the wifi model is Broadcom BCM4331 ( Airport Extreme)

Some information here regarding drivers etc which may help others help you.

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I got through the link and found two drivers one from company and the other open source which one would u prefer to be installed ?

I would think (but do not know) the open source driver may be more recent than the company one. You will see, from the link I included above, it is possible to switch between wifi drivers. However, I have never tried that myself.

Others on here may have more knowledge re Broadcom wifi drivers and give you better advice than I can.

EDIT: @Aravisian. I see you have replied to another Broadcom wireless user.

I wonder if that advice would help this user?


It might. Admittedly, Printers, sound issues and Wifi fall under my weakest subjects, here...

I agree with you on this. The company one is likely years old. However, this is an interesting point all on its own... If it is years old and still posted and working, it says a little something about assumptions about having the most up to date packages...

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As my dad works for a comanpy and the data and files should be safe and not public .. instaling open sorce drivers will affect that ?

Open Source Drivers are not publicly accessible on your computer.
On Linux, you note that you must enter your password to perform any action that affects ROOT. It is within ROOT that drivers are all stored.

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If something goes wrong like wifi not working or slow wifi not detected so what steps should i take because i am going to install it today

I don't know if this helps but I ran into a similar issue on an older iMac

Its been a month i think so ... the issue is not happeing maybe because of some other isuue it was happeing . Thank u all who helped me
Regrads Adit

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