Wifi Driver Gone While Using

Dear Team

My monitor started flickering immediately while using. So I researched online and I found some recommendation that to update the drivers. So, I went to software updater settings and changed from:

Nvidia driver to x.org X server

And then restarted.

After the restart no external display detected, no wifi!

When I tried “Try Zorin” via USB, everything works fine.

Please help, I cannot even imagine a fresh install again!


Could you check "Additional drivers" and see if the WiFi driver is enabled there?

As for monitor problem, I wonder if it is something to do with this new .38 kernel update. It seems some NVidia card users are having problem with it. I have been putting off installing this kernel for a while till the issue is solved.

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Thats because zorin lacks of dkms by default.

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Ah, right.
That explains a lot. Thanks for this information.

Thank you so much for the response.

Actually there is no such options in the Additional Drivers.

Please check:

Please help me.

If you say me to re-install the os again, I’ll die, that much of work already done!

I posted this in the other thread:

Mine is set to NVidia-470 (proprietary) as you can see in the above screenshot.

Since there is no internet, I’m unable to switch! I have no idea what to do!

Can't you just tick on the circle and click on Apply?
There is no need for downloading anything as far as I know.
Those drivers are already on your system.

I noticed your problem is not for graphics card but for WiFi connection.
You could still switch to the NVIdia driver though.

As for WiFi problem, I need to know the chipset for your WiFi module.
Can you give me the output of this command?

I see that now.
Please give me the output of

We will go from there.

Sorry for the screenshots since there is no internet on the laptop.

Intel 7265 is your WiFi module.

Might this help?

The first answer seems to be working.

Everything need internet.

I removed zorin from dual boot. Now back to windows.

Just one last question.

I have ordered Sandisk SSD 1TB. Is it possible to install Zorin on that External SSD and use it as a portable OS? I prefer to use Linux for connecting my dedicated server and to work with the website! I also own a discourse forum like zorin forum:)

Anyways, thanks for the support.

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