WiFi Hotspot Z16 Pro Issues

Dear All,

I installed Zorin 16 Pro today and want to use the WiFi Hotspot function.

However, sometimes the Hotspot can be activated and sometimes it is greyed out and cannot -- I don't understand when it can work and when it can't; there doesn't seem to be any consistency.

Furthermore, when turning on the Hotspot (when the option is available and not greyed out) I cannot change any of the details except Name+Password i.e. I cannot change the security to WPA2 etc.

I'm running Zorin 16 Pro on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4.


If you are talking about turning hotspot on for settings, I have the same issue. But for me it appears only when the wifi section is the first thing that shown to me when I open settings. Switching to a different section and the going back to wifi section solves the issue for me.

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There's definitely minimum two bugs I've spotted in the Hotspot.
One of the bugs I've mentioned above (greyed out).

The other one is when you can indeed turn the Hotspot on and connect (via QR code scan); the Hotspot then straight away turns off and it also removes your WiFi completely from your computer. There is no option to turn back WiFi on therefore you'll need to restart your computer to regain your WiFi.

(NOTE: I've only tried to connect via QR code; otherwise my phone cannot discover the Zorin Hotspot).

It is actually bug coming from Ubuntu which Zorin is based on:

I myself have no experience with a hot-spot but I hope other volunteers would pitch in to help you.

If none of us has a solution, you could ask a direct help from Zorin group since your Pro licence includes an installation support.


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