Wifi No Longer Working


I figured I would start a new thread on this one. I have a wifi card that was working fine for the past few months that has suddenly stopped working. The bluetooth functionality of the card works fine.

Any help would be appreciated.


I bought a new wifi adapter, which was working for a few months and now has suddenly stopped working.

Have you run any updates recently?

When you say stopped working, does it fail to connect? Drop connection? Say it is connected, but isn't?

Hey I actually fixed this one just now by following the following steps:

  • no updates other than the ones through zorin software updater
  • it was failing to connect
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Just real quick, for those who don't know what the OP means when they say, they did the steps. The OP installed the driver for their WIFI adapter.

I'd like to say that 95% of the time when people are not able to get their WIFI adapters to work in Linux, is most likely due to the fact you don't have your driver installed.

Good deal!

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