WiFi Problem

Hi guys.
On the old computer I installed Zorin 12 and I am using USB TP-Link TL-WN725N WiFi receiver. I have an problem which is that connection break. I need to turn off and turn on WiFi in Zorin setings to Internet to start working.
How to fix the problem permentarly?

You could try the answer given in this page.


Also keep in mind that support for Zorin OS 12 has officially ended, you will no longer receive kernel updates, and very few software updates, and likely no OS updates. For better security, I strongly recommend you use at the very least, OS 15.3 LITE, if not Zorin OS 16 CORE.

Having said that however, if your OK with the possible security issues from lack of updates, if you wait patiently, Zorin OS 16 LITE will soon be released, and you can just install that.


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