Will be away from Zorin Forum

I will be out of town and away from Zorin Forum (and pretty much everything else) through the weekend - the second and third of October.


What is this you say? Did @StarTreker tell you it's Okay and he's going to fill in for you? In that case great...

Enjoy your time away. Hopefully it's something fun and/or relaxing. You deserve it.

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Aravisian, Good for you hope you enjoy.

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It seems other's have been away already, I haven't seen FrenchPress in practically a week now, I haven't seen Storm either. I have seen Harvey a little bit though which is cool.

And Jeff, people make their own choices in life, I don't tell people what to do. I can give people advice on here, sure, but the choices people make, are their's and their's alone. I myself am not the traveling type, I don't go on vacations, and I most certainly do not do anything like that during a pandemic.

But taking a break, well thats another thing entirely. I can tell you right now, thats how I feel at times. I do try to help people with their computers as much as I can, with the knowledge that I have, which is less then Aravisian's I can assure you lol.

This is why I feel bad for Bourne, cause I can't fix his computer dang it, makes me sad lol. Seeing how hard Aravisian works on here to help other's, I am not surprised he's taking a break. Cause thats how I been feeling a bit lately.

I can't be on this forum 24/7. Take yesterday for example, I was still trying to help people, but at different times, I was playing Super Tux Kart. And tomorrow, I might be doing more work that needs to get done, if the weather holds up of course.

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They are not avoiding the forum, but have been busy with other personal matters. Not my place to say, but they may.

I think everyone... especially @337harvey is quite well aware of where i stand on the issue. :wink:
I said out of town- and away from everything. I didn't say anything about Traveling, much less anywhere where there are people.


Thats good to hear. And no huffing hydrogen peroxide ok? Thats only good for one thing, burning your lungs. LOL A family member told me this was the latest thing the weirdo's are doing now. When will it end? lol


Happy Holidays and Happy weekend


I hope you have a relaxing weekend @Aravisian. Please stay safe and enjoy yourself.

I have been attending school for python as you know, which does give me some opportunity to sneak in and out on occasion. I am also dealing with my personal issues and trying to find work.

There are only 2 on this forum that know the details, so please don't mention any i haven't publicly.

It's been rough trying to balance school, tutoring someone in my class and looking for work as well as dealing with many other things. I'm busy. I do try to make an appearance and provide some help, not always in a way that people expect (frame of mind from tutoring doesn't allow me to just give answers). I'm sure I'll find a balance, then it will change again. Story of my life. Anywho. I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend. I'll be about.

Well, I am going to be perfectly honest. I am not a moderator here, this means I have no official obligation to help anyone on this forum. But I choose to help people because thats what I want to do, I like to help improve other's lives by having a running computer.

But what has been going on lately has been pushing me to my limits as well. I have no idea what is going on with the Linux kernel. But when we see how many people are coming in here asking for support for installation, and inability to boot up into said installation, its just overwhealming.

I just don't get it, why so many issues? I personally had no issues installing Zorin OS, and its running on quite an old computer. But its as if the Linux kernel itself is not supporting all hardware that is available. But isn't it supposed to be?

I can't even fix Bournes issues either, he's had nothing but issues for like what a month now? Maybe longer?

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Have a good weekend.

Hope you have a good weekend, and got to do fun things.

Im leaving tech support. I thought I could handle it, but it's too much. I rather not have the stress. And I can't solve everyone's issues, got enought of my own.

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You done real good @StarTreker. Think of yourself as Santa giving out gifts. Not every kid is going to be happy, for some want the ultimate gift, in this case the fix. But you tried to make everyone happy, and didn't have to..!!

You gave me the gift of Cheer...


Oh no! Where am I going to find my guru to help me now?

Enjoy you time away from tech problems!

It's tough balancing multiple things. Thanks for your help, for myself and my friend @darien217!

But, in all, @Aravisian @StarTreker @337harvey, you three have been helping people a lot. I noticed your names popping up on the forum everywhere. Thanks for the assist and it's great you're willing to help.

Everyone has other things in real life to deal with, don't forget to take some "me" time. Don't burn yourselves out as there's no obligation to help since you're all volunteers. Everyone deserves recognition and time away from helping others!


Tried to do 20 likes.... Very well said YukKevChuHau..!!!


So would I!

@YukKevChuHau Also, if I could give 20-likes to his cat I would do. :cat2:


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