Will it be possible to update Zorin 17 form Zorin 16.3?

Will be possible to update Zorin 17 form Zorin 16.3 ?

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I see you are on Core. So yes, when the production version of Z17 is released, you should be able to use the Zorin OS Upgrader to update Z16.3 Core to Z17 Core, or other Z17 edition other than Pro. For Z17Pro you will have to pay for a new full version licence first.


Not Software Upgrader? Because for example till now I don't see the beta upgrade on my Software Updater. But maybe it's for safety as it's beta.

No you cannot us the Zorin OS Upgrader to upgrade to Z17 Beta, as that is for testing only, not the stable release version of Z17 Core.
You will be able to use Zorin OS Upgrader to upgrade to production version Z17 Core when it is released.

Note I have changed my wording of "updater" to "Zorin OS Upgrader", as that is the term used by the devs to describe their "Upgrade Zorin OS" tool.

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There are multiple threads being started on this issue:

We may need to Pin a thread...


Yes, that's what I said :grin::+1:. Thanks for explaining about the upgrade, too :hugs:.

Agree :slightly_smiling_face:.

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