Will Zorin run ok on this xp-era Dell?

I've got this Precision 490 running Win7. The performance with Win7 has always been marginal.

It's got a dual core processor and 4G of memory. What should I expect for performance with Zorin 17?

Also... is it possible to install Zorin to this computer as a dual boot system? TIA

FYI. I am running Z16.3 Core as dual-boot alongside Windows, on a old duo-core laptop with 4G RAM. It is perfecly good for light applications, but would not use it for gaming or image intensive work.
I would expect Z17 Core to be the same, otherwise you could wait for Z17 Lite to be released in the near future.

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If you can come down on one side of the fence and stay windows or go fully linux, now ive tried i'm a convert.

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Thx Jimps... I've been doing Linux since RH 8 and I have two previous version Zorin desktops... I'm a fan but not really a power user. The only reason that I'd want to keep the W7 available is that I've got a big MDB-based record collection that works great and once in a while I'll use it via RDP.

THX... I am considering buying an i5 from the local computer recycling store. Last I looked they were about $100.

I have Z12 running on an i5 and it does pretty much everything I need it to do. Not too great for gaming, virtual machines, etc, but it does well for almost everything.

Maybe my best solution is that with a KVM switch so I can keep the W7 box going.

I have been through Z12, Z15, Z16, but not yet Z17. But Z17 Core should be as good as Z12 on the i5 depending on how much RAM you can get with it.
I guess a KVM shared between that and your Precision 490 would be a way to join them up, but I suspect you could encounter some issues with sleep/waking when switching from one to the other.

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Am by no means a power user but thoroughly sick of Microshaft and its policies.

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I can't quite get away from them entirely. I have a DAW computer in my studio that's Win10. Other than that and the W7 box we've been Linux and iOS in this house for years.

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I always have in the past... :grinning: maybe KVM switches have improved, though.

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