Win 11-like theme: monitor center the start menu

I really like the new Eleven (11) layout for Zorin 16 Pro. Is there any way to get the start menu (the box you see when you click the Zorin "Z" logo) monitor-centered just like how it is in Windows 11? I have watched tutorial videos to make Zorin 16 look exactly like Windows 11, but I dont want to do that. The start menu being monitor-centered is the only thing I would like modified. I want it that way because I am a bit OCD'd about it.

Thank you in advance for your good advice.

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@madhavan achieved that using arcmenu.

ArcMenu is a GNOME extension that you can download/install from here:

Did I mention that ArcMenu is the coolest GNOME extension ever made? I use it in my Zorin desktop as well as my Ubuntu desktop.


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I have ARC Menu installed and tried using it to do what I wanted but I'm too much of a noob to figure it out. Would you please tell me which setting I need to adjust within ARC Menu?

I'll try to paste a screenshot here of what I have achieved so far.

You will see that the "start menu" is centered, but only beacause I have the Zorin "start button" centered. I would like it to be laid out exactly like Windows 11, except all buttons, including the start button, are centered on the task bar. I want the start button to be at the most left of all the buttons in the middle, but have the start menu to be centered on the screen, not with the start button.

Thank you.

By the way. I found a wallpaper I liked and added the Zorin logo to it. Below I show it unobscured.


After you install ArcMenu, right click on it then click on ArcMenu settings.
From the settings page->"Menu Layout" in the sidebar->"Modern Layouts"->select "Eleven"->click Apply.

This will set the Windows 11 start menu layout as your app menu.
Now, if you want the menu to be centre aligned...
Click on "Customize Menu"->Change "Override Menu Location" toggle to "Bottom Centred"->click apply

Done! :slightly_smiling_face:
I like your wallpaper by the way...

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I tried the same my only issue is dat it doesnt work well with intell hide or whatever its called. It would often bug out and show underneath the dock which was a big problem for me

First, on your compliments for my wallpaper, thank you. Feel free to download it.

Next, on the centerting of the start menu, I tried what you said. It never worked. Upon trying it and then restarting it would revert back to the way I had it or things would would freeze up. I'd then have to do a force reboot and it would revert or something else entirely different.

I thank you for trying to help but maybe my laptop can't handle it. Its an HP X360 14-dh2051wm convertible laptop. It has 10th Gen i5 cpu, 8GB RAM, and I have it dual booting with Windows 11. Im thinking about reinstalling Zorin to try again but I might just leave it how it is.

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I am certain your laptop can handle it if it can handle windows...

It always worked with me though...the changes did nor revert on rebooting but...
In the website there are two ArcMenu extensions, make sure you have installed the newer one which supports GNOME 3.38 and also make sure that you hit the "apply" button after changing the settings. If all fails, then there is another way I know off (ArcMenu involved).

You know what...Here is the configuration file...
Import this to your arcmenu settings and let me know if it works.
Download link
To import, right click on arcmenu -> ArcMenu settings-> misc->Under "All ArcMenu Settings"-> Import from file.

The end result should be like.

Oh! and you should be using the third Zorin layout from Zorin appearance which has centred taskbar icons.
You will also need to change the settings of Zorin Taskbar.
This is what it should look like:

The "Centre Box" should be moved up above "Taskbar" and should be "Stacked to right".


Marked solution. 260

Thank you for your help, but I found out what was wrong. The USB that I put the .iso on was corrupt. I downloaded a fresh .iso and put it on a different USB. I got everything working without having to download and import your file. I'm going to download your file anyway in case I need it the next time I try this. Thank you very much.

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Here are my final results...

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Glad you sorted it out! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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