Window of apps in xfc4 zorin16lite

i have problem in size of window with some apps, such as kedinlive and other native app in zoirn lite16. as u can see in picture, software app open in that interface hiding close icon, u must adjust it everytime when u open it. there r some apps also like kedinlive that open under taskbar and after u scroll it to the end u get some things under taskbar can't reach it

Eid, I solved this in a particular way when I had this trouble. You may not prefer this method. So, let's examine it first:
If you remove the CSD windows shown and replace them with the XFWM4 managed Window Borders, they should work correctly on sizing. However, it means you will no longer have the CSD's and your windows will be uniform across all themes. I prefer them uniform.
If you do not- then ignore the Below and Request looking for another method.

To make the Window manager handle the CSD's in addition to handling the rest of the Windows it normally does:

sudo apt install gtk3-nocsd

Hard reboot. That's it.

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it's just working for me in getting the hiding close button in software app , but it doesn't work with the second problem I talked about in kedinlive ,or some genome apps. which is that open under taskbar and after u scroll it to the end u get some things under taskbar can't reach it

Ah, I see what you mean about taskbar.
The KDE or Gnome apps may not fully respond to the XFCE Desktop on their own. But one thing you can try is XFCE's window placement memory (which I have used a lot). Sixe and place the windows in question a few times and then close them out. Repeat this, ensuring you place and size upon opening, then without closing them - log out. From the Confirmation Dialog before clicking Logout button - Ensure that "Save Session" option is checked on. For me, doing this a couple times usually causes windows that I open to the same size and place to "remember" that and open that way as default.
I am not sure off the top of my head if it applies to KDE or GNome apps each time though - but is worth trying it out.


Some KDE apps have this problem in GNOME and XFCE. I remember Gwenview and Okular doing this the last time I used it.


The OP implies that it is exclusive to only some few apps, as well. In which case, it may be how those apps call on the window management themselves...
It may be something that has to be tolerated when opening those apps, in the end. I wouldn't want to try to go into an app and change the code at this time.

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I tried kvantum manger app to solve that as that topic talked, but i didn't get the result.

I do not use Kvantum. It is very much locked in and limited in scope.
I use qt5ct to enable using GTK themes on KDE applications.

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