Window sizing issue in Xfce

I am using Z15.3 lite and while I minimize and maximize some applications it gets resized in a such way that the closing options gets hideden.

For example this what I see when I minimize ms edge and maximize

The tabs part and all the closing options are not visible and I have to manually resize the windows everytime to get it fit to the screen fully.

It not happens in ms edge It happens in software centre, pitivi video editor etc.

The screen recorded video link is Dropbox - Screencast 2021-11-12 14:21:04.mp4 - Simplify your life

While I used Z16 core for a while i did not experience such issue but while I used xfce in Z16 core I experienced the same so I think it is xfce related issue

Where can I look?

From settings, open Window-manager-Tweaks
On Accessibility tab, check ON for Automatically tile windows whem moving toward the screen edge.
Check OFF for Hide frame of windows when maximized.

Move to the Placement tab
"By default, place windows:"
Check ON for At the center of the screen.

Size your windows Correctly as you Want them to be, then close each out. Repeat this a couple times and the Window Manager should remember their placement and positions even after min or max is used.

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Thanks for the reply, The settings changes you mentioned were already configured.

In which case, please continue with Resizing them as you prefer them to be, then closing them normally. Repeat this a few times, then test if the windows resize incorrectly on Min / Max.


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