Windows 10 dual boot failed

Hello, i tried to dual boot windows 10 and zorin os ultimate
the installation was succesfull i used legacy boot mode and at the time of installation i didn't created a new partition table i created totsl 4 partitions one was root the second was home and the third was swap and the last was a efi partition of 512mb. thezorin booted succesfully after the restart but when i tried to restart again it showed "invalid partiton table" all windows 10 files are safe

how can i boot windows 10 again please help

also there is a eject sign on the taskbar of windows 10 partition

Legacy and EFI are pretty much opposites. Either you are booting in EFI or you are booting in Legacy. It cannot be both.

UEFI with GPT can manage more than Four Bootable partitions. However, legacy, with MBR, can only manage a maximum of four partitions.

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my pc is in uefi currently i press f12 on boot up and boot up zorin from there and there is no windows 10 option

i don't have much knowedge about this

i have a dell laptop

i know my disk is ruined............

can i use terminal to boot windows 10? is there any command?

i haven't read anything about GPT till now in my laptop

it is old

250 gig /media/div... Is that your Windows 10?
That looks like UEFI with GPT, to me.

You cannot start Windows from the terminal. But we can look at recovering the Windows Boot Loader.

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thanks i will try this!

what should i apply instead of mbr?

MBR or EFI is due to manufacturing.
On EFI, you can choose to "legacy" boot with BIOS. But you cannot choose to use EFI instead of MBR if MBR is how the motherboard was built and equipped.

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then, is there any solution?

The screenshot of your partitions shows EFI. Several of your partitions are Not Bootable partitions- they merely store data that is accessed by an active bootable partition. For example: the top ntfs "System Reserved' is used by Microsoft to back up data. It is not bootable, but is accessible to the separate partition used by MS.
Computer manufacturers will also employ that trick- so that when you use the Manufacturers Restore Feature, it as accessing that separate partition, though that partition is not bootable on its own.

In your screenshot, I see Four Bootable Partitions, currently.
Drive does not look ruined - You MAY wish to reformat your Linux Partitions, though.
Is your Win 10 bootable at all?

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my windows 10 is not booting at all but all files are safe

Did you try the guide I linked to above for repairing Windows Boot?

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reinstallation of windows will vansih all my data?

Yes, it would. Does the guide suggest you are only able to reinstall?

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i can't vanish all my data there is another way to use a boot repairer but i need to make a partition and install it............

Is there data you cannot lose on the Zorin OS installation?

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not really

I would just delete those three partitions then. Then make one new partition from the available space that creates. Use that partition to repair W Boot.
Once complete, you can then use your partition manager to allocate partitions you want for Zorin OS and reinstall.

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which partitons?

i have 40gb unallocated space